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A plea to your charitable sides... (16/06/2008 11:59)

Now, did everyone enjoy the Where's Wojteker Competiton? Yes? Good.

Want to give something back...?

As you know there was a point to that contest - to reveal to you in a controlled manner a little more of me so that i could more comfortably tell you about...


The Ramshackle Rally sees over 100 teams drive cars from Calais to Valencia over 4 days.

The twist is the car can cost NO MORE THAN £100 (i think about 140 Euros).

As you can understand, a £100 car might not get very far at all...

The ENFIELD VIKINGS (my team) are taking part to raise money for the North London Hospice, a care centre that does excellent work with the terminally ill. It is a very important cause and they need as much support as they can get.

And that is where you come in. We need your help!

We are trying to raise over £1000 (1400 euros, i think) for the hospice. To do this we need peope to make donations through our online givng page here:

But this is difficult for some people to do.

So, the team here at managerleague have thrown their support behind this chariable endeavour and have agreed that...

FOR EVERY CREDIT DONATED TO MY TEAM (Banditos - english league 3/10) they will give 7 pence (10 euro cents approx) to the charity.

All Credits donated will be converted into real money that will go to help a real charity, the North London Hospice.

 Now, 7pence a credit may not sound a lot, but if 10,000 people each give 1 credit, the hospice will get 700 quid!

If just 5000 give 2 credits each we can also make 700 quid for the hospice...

And if just 1000 give 10 credits each, we can easily reach £700!

(This may sound like i am fixated on £700, i am not. I want to raise MORE. It's just for ease of comparison!)

This is a brilliant scheme to support a brilliant charity through sponsoring some far from brilliant people to drive a completely unbrilliant car to Spain.

PLEASE show us your support and donate your credts to my team to support this excellent attempt!

You can follow our progress through our dedicated blog: where you can also see pics of the car and when we got in the local paper!

THANK YOU in advance for supporting THE ENFIELD VIKINGS

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MissSpoons wrote:
11:56 17/06 2008

Took a bit of time but i got through it.

Donated £10 - 5 from me and 5 from Kloops :)

Look forward to hearing all about it  XXXX (four for luck)

Hope you reach your target ... and then more!!

Zz00009390 wrote:
22:45 19/06 2008
picturedonated 20 credits, i hope the others will follow and donate equally or more

Good luck with the Rally!!!!
Sherlock Holmes wrote:
16:16 20/06 2008

Good Luck,maybe i will be a good boy this time?:P



Zz00096972 wrote:
16:20 20/06 2008
pictureI want to donate some credits but I  can`t becouse I diden`t buy any:( what can I do to help?
Zz00077827 wrote:
16:52 20/06 2008
pictureHow do I donate? Is there a special way of doing this? And does your team get to spend all the credits?
Zz00067505 wrote:
17:01 20/06 2008
pictureYou can donate by going 2 the players profile and press give a credit......
by the way i want to donate but i have not enough credits.....
so i can ask my friends to donate....
Wojteker wrote:
17:28 20/06 2008

Just to confirm, I will be exchanging ALL the credits gained through this for cash at the rates described above. My managerleague team will see no benefit from the process!

And if you have no credits and still want to help, you can give through the just giving link in the above blog! Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!


Wiggen wrote:
19:34 20/06 2008
pictureGood luck raising the money, I think it's a great idea! Credits donated..
Stambros wrote:
20:43 20/06 2008

you are telling me that you bought a working ESCORT 95 encore, with working radio for  €140 ??
Zz00078981 wrote:
21:20 20/06 2008

150 credits donated

good luck mate, and make sure you have a good mechanic as co-pilot

reminder to all if you can't donate credits, you can also donate online at using Visa, Visa Debit,  Mastercard, Maestro, Solo etc

Mrs Mac


Zz00077827 wrote:
00:39 21/06 2008

20 credits donated. Good luck!

Microfix Merlin

? How do I get an avatar instead of that dredfull q-mark?


Zz00077827 wrote:
00:44 21/06 2008

Never mind! I got it! :-)


gismo2 wrote:
11:08 21/06 2008

This sounds like a project that i will give all my thumbs up!

And thumbs up to ML too. It's a great game, i was gonna try to get high up in divisions without buying credits....

But if i buy 30 credits and donate 20 to the cause.....i will help both even if it is a small amount. So, 20 credits on it's way :P


Qiel wrote:
17:33 21/06 2008
pictureWell, only can give 20 credits per season, so you got mine. Will have to wait until July before my wife will let me buy more credits. Good luck both in the race and in your cause. I'll see what I can do about donating a few quid, but the dollar to pound exchange is horrible.
gabbers wrote:
12:52 22/06 2008
picture20 credits donated.
Zz00071117 wrote:
23:34 22/06 2008
picture 10 credits donated.

good luck
TomZ wrote:
20:34 23/06 2008
picture15 credits donated. Good luck with it all.
Zz00136894 wrote:
21:48 23/06 2008
picturehey mate :)
sorry i cant donate (because im like underage and all that) but am interested in how well you do :)
any chance of us being able to see how much ML'ers has helped your cause by saying how many credits has been donated in total?
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