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Competition Results AND the Enfield Vikings... (04/06/2008 13:30)

I don't think it is any secret who won this, as the winner declared themselves as such in every conceivable location!

After a madcap search across cyberspace, which caused much wracking of brains, googling and the incessant pestering of both me and every admin on this game, only one person managed to find all eight pictures...

The locations were as follows:

1. With Miss Spoons... you had to ask her and answer her question

2. With Shy^... again you had to get the question right!

3. On my blog entry here:

4. On my old myspace, here: (since removed)

5. On my blogcast, here:

6. On a player on my team called, cryptically, "Wojteker"

7. With me! - yes, you had to as me and answer my question!

8. Finally, one was placed on my Enfield Vikings Blog Page (since removed- more info below) and, as no one found that, in was also placed on a hastily constructed photo website, here:

Now, we had some valiant entrants in the contest, so i am instigating a 10 credit second place award as well as the first place 30 credits. All from me own pocket (aren't i generous?)

We had two runners-up, each getting 10 Credits each. They each got 7 pictures sent in to me and are...


(manager of TheOneandOnlyOceanGnome)



(manager of SoS FC)


But the overall winner, who manged to find all 8 pictures and therefore wins the full 30 credits was....


(manager of Bafana)

So many congratulations to all of them!


Now, the purpose to this whole excercise was to break my anonymity.

But with reason, not for simple vanity!

For I (and three others) am taking part in the Ramshacle Rally Valencia in August. This is a Banger Rally - we have to drive a car that cost us £100 or less from Calais to Valencia via Annecy, San Remo and Perpignan over 4 days. The car will be decorated along our team theme (Vikings) and a cash prize awarded to the winning team at the end.

And we are doing this to raise money for the Noth London Hospice, that does a great deal of good work in our local area! We hope to win the grand prize, but should we not we are collecting sponsorship.

We have so far searched high and low for our car, but had some trouble finding one. We have also appeared in the local paper!

 But to tell you more about this than simply that written above would destroy my closely constructed i decided to give up anonymity to be able to try to raise more money!

Therefore, if you would like to read more about our preparations for the rally, visit the Enfield Vikings Blog here:


To donatemoney in support of us, visit our jutgiving page here to support worthy people who have given up the secrets of their identity for a cause they believe in! The page can be found here:

I would urge you to give generously to this worthy cause if you feel even the smallest urge to do so!



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Blogger has no team.
Zz00014587 wrote:
15:18 04/06 2008
pictureDamn that coolcam666 guy sounds hot....
Zz00009390 wrote:
16:44 04/06 2008
picturei sound even hotter :P

thanks Wojteker, it was hard work finding all those pics but worth all the sleepless nights

Sowwy to all those who tried and not get all, and congrats to coolcam666 and
Zz00077228 wrote:
20:41 04/06 2008
pictureOh ****
I had 7 and didnt enter, I didnt think it was worth it.
10 credits gone, woo
Spinner wrote:
09:53 13/06 2008
pictureHm, I think we need to consider donating something here...
Good cause and all!
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