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Where's Wojteker... (09/05/2008 16:34)

Before I start, let me apologise now for any typos in this entry - the keyboard is playing up and mising out letters quite frequently today, and it's a right pain. I think it may have arthritis.

You never can tell wth these computers when they are on the cusp of cllapsing completelty. It amazes me that we make so many films about computers taking over the world and throwin off man kind. Do you really think tht'll ever happen, gven that we are incapable of keeping any of the computers we make actually operating for a long period of time. I imagine we will make one that hasthe ability to take over one day, but that it will ultimately freeze at the very point it tries to wipe s out and has to reboot, thus loosing all the hard work it hs done rounding us up and that. Ah well. I suppose mankind's own innate crapness will save it once again...

Now, down to business. I am shortly going to be bloggin on here about my future escapades in the name of charity. Regular readers will know that I am takng part in a banger rally in august to raise money for charity. So far so good.

But... here is a problem here. My closely guarded anonymity on this game will be severely dented as my real name and even my face will appear on the links to the pages detailing our attempt. Furthermore, when i finally reveal the long awaited film to you, there will be another clue to my real existence there also.

Now, I have quite enjoyed my long term anonymity under my psuedonym. So what better, and more ego stroking way to celebrate it's enforced end in the name of charity than to invet a competition. Prepare yourself (drum roll please...)

The Where's Wojteker Contest 

The contest is very simple. You have to find and send in pictures of me found in ML and on the internet. I will be discretely leaving 8 of these in a few locations for you to find. There are some rules...

1. If you have met me in real life, emailled me in real life or are, basically known to me already, you can't play. (I'm sorry, but that's the way it is!) You are also sworn to secrecy, aside from being able to offer small clues...

2. Pictures could b anywhere - clues are availiable if you ask the righ people...

2. Any pictures that don't have the logo on don't count (logo is the green text up the top there)...

3. To win, you need to find pictures with my Wojteker logo in the corner and email them to the following address...

The Prize...

The person to email in the most Wojteker logo'd pics wins 30 credits from my own fair pocket! If a few of you get the same number, it's the first whose email I receive.

Closin Date is set at 9th June    

So, happy hunting! I fear i have made a rod for my own back here, and in some ways am encouraging people to stalk me electronically across the internet!

Back soon!



EDIT: It's going very well so far - doubt it'll take more than a week to get them all  in!  We'll keep playing till one person has all 8 in or the closing date is reached, Whichever comes first. Two notes:

1. The 8 pictures should all be different, not 8 instances of the same picture!!!

2. please, if you send them in as you get them, please could you send the ones you already sent each time (like, you send in three on one email, then another 2, copy the first three in). Won't affect who wins, just makes my life easier!!!


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Blogger has no team.
Eliot wrote:
17:20 09/05 2008
pictureFunny competition :)

But i will never find one :(
superpaddy wrote:
21:05 09/05 2008
pictureany clues on who the right people are?
Spinner wrote:
00:03 10/05 2008
pictureHaha, I found one already :)
I'm not going to say how or where :-P
Wojteker wrote:
00:03 10/05 2008
pictureI'd like to know - may have lost track...
Spinner wrote:
00:07 10/05 2008
pictureWhee, too bad I met you in London so I can't enter the competition, I am way too good at this :)
3 down, 5 to go :-P
Wojteker wrote:
00:10 10/05 2008
pictureHa! Showing off - someone else already has three in the bag!
MacPhisto wrote:
00:48 10/05 2008
picture5 here :D
Zz00009390 wrote:
00:59 10/05 2008
picturethat is so unfair hun :( i now wish i never mailed ya and did not know ya real identity already  :( i so would love those credits

Huggles and kisses

Some peeps already guessed i kinda know you and is asking for clues lol
Zz00009390 wrote:
01:00 10/05 2008
picturecant i partisipate as well?
Wojteker wrote:
01:28 10/05 2008
pictureSpecial dispensation for you!
Zz00106567 wrote:
02:01 10/05 2008
picturegot 3, but now I am struggeling :p
Zz00009390 wrote:
02:23 10/05 2008
picturesomeone already got 4
Zz00098145 wrote:
08:15 10/05 2008
pictureGot 4 now
Zz00077228 wrote:
12:26 10/05 2008
picture0, i cant find them! ahh
Zz00065497 wrote:
13:28 10/05 2008

Found 1, 4 to go:(

Zz00104642 wrote:
14:31 10/05 2008
pictureFound 3 pics. really hard to find..
Zz00065497 wrote:
16:21 10/05 2008

EDIT: Found 1, 7 to go:P

Eliot wrote:
16:24 10/05 2008
pictureHave founded 3. Answer me please Wojteker :)
Zz00014484 wrote:
18:16 10/05 2008
pictureI know where 4 are
Iron Maiden wrote:
18:59 10/05 2008
pictureonly 3 founded  :((
lonix wrote:
22:49 10/05 2008
picturegot 3 :( im suposed to be an expert at this :(

Spinner: wanna share either email adress og ip adress of him ? :P

Or do i have to get them the hard way?
Zz00009390 wrote:
08:16 11/05 2008
pictureok i have 6 officially, catch me if you can
lonix wrote:
22:19 11/05 2008
pictureonly got 5 so far :(
Zz00009390 wrote:
04:28 12/05 2008
picturehihihihi , i have more... but not telling how much :P
Zz00009390 wrote:
06:20 12/05 2008
picturehihihihi , i have more... but not telling how much :P
Zz00014587 wrote:
14:27 12/05 2008
pictureLooks like im not the only one on 7!
Zz00039033 wrote:
13:29 14/05 2008
pictureomg you guys are a bunch of goonies i tell ya... wojtketer is crazy for having you find where is waldo... :D
Zz00009390 wrote:
23:08 15/05 2008
pictureguess who have all 8 :P
Zz00077228 wrote:
23:11 15/05 2008
pictureMaybe Antjie? Am i right?
Zz00009390 wrote:
23:30 15/05 2008
pictureyes \o/
Zz00009390 wrote:
23:43 15/05 2008
pictureyes \o/
Zz00009390 wrote:
20:23 18/05 2008
pictureAm i the only one? are ya giving up? Come on guys, show some perseverance...
Zz00018005 wrote:
09:54 19/05 2008

where are they

there not here

Zz00014587 wrote:
17:41 19/05 2008
pictureWell only one person wins the prize and there is no prize for getting all 8 unless you are first, i am happy coming second
Zz00009390 wrote:
19:41 19/05 2008
pictureAlastair they are all around us, some in the most obvious places, some skillfully hidden, but if you read and reason, you would find them
Sverrys wrote:
22:32 27/05 2008
pictureLOL!  It is just to search for wojteker at google, and you find all of the pictures.. :P
Zz00009390 wrote:
06:57 30/05 2008
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