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What Wojteker done next... (18/04/2008 10:36)

Hello everyone. Anyone remember me?

Given the turmoil in my life of late, the ups and downs of this working life, I have been rather absent from this game of late. In fact, i have probably gone through my driest patch in a very long while. I barely logged in last week, due to how busy i have recently become. Lots is happening.

(A side note - you may have noticed that i am using the wrong tenses every so often here - if you are not a native english speaker and, more importantly, if you are still at school college and need to get marks for your english skills PLEASE do not use the phrases i contain herewithin. They are deliberately wrong for effect. I write proper good normally)

(Side note 2 - please do use the word herewithin. It'll probably get you loads of marks. And the phrase "The Dogs Bollocks" is a perfectly acceptable way to say that something is "really good" it is interchangable and your teacher is certain to reward you with gold stars and such)

So, a quick review of things for you -

  1. I am now a temp, having given up my job due to being miserable.  
  2. We are selling our flat
  3. I am planning to train to be a History teacher (will maintain annonymity on here forever as a result so that i can still post without losing any future jobs)
  4. I am running a pub quiz every monday night at The Commercial in Herne Hill, London (Come on down, you can hear me talk and everything)
  5. I am writing again
  6. I have finished the edit on that film! It may be broadcastable shortly on the net - watch this space
  7. I will be in the local paper with the wife to bolster support for our charity Ramshackle Rally. We're being photographed this weekend.
  8. I have scored 4 goals in the last three games for the football team i play on (oh yes)
  9. I am very tired due to this busy, busy life

That is me, in a nutshell.

But, unusually for me, I am here today to talk managerleague (I know, shocking isn't it - why would i want to do that?)

I have let Banditos slide recently. I know I have and I am sorry for that. But as you can see above and from my previous blog, I have had at least 9 reasons why it's been hard to maintain the team properly.

As a result of months of neglect, I have a few players i don't even recognise and a lot of dodgy old men....


i'll repeat that for effect...


What can I do with a whole heap of cash and credits?

Well... I suppose I can do this...


 Nearly a whole new team to join one of the oldest Managerleage Clubs in the world!

Is your Club lacking in funds to buy players? Do you have some interesting players whose Q is in the mid to upper 70s? Or even dare I say 80s? Do you need an injection of credits to kick off a campaign?

If the answer is YES! YES! OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS DECENT AND PURE IN THE WORLD, YES! then you've come to the right place.

For I, Wojteker, manager of Banditos, am going on a spending spree. By this time next week i don't want to have any money left. I also want to have only a few credits and in return i want a heap of new talent filling up my team. I am even happy to sell some of what i already have.

So - if you can help me alleviate myself of this cash/credit surplus - get in touch. I am looking for quick, fair deals lords and ladies.

In the old days i'd trawl through the lists, message managers, get no replies and end up trying to gazump of the transfer lists. But I am taking a new approach here.Banditos are languishing in the 3rd division, have never recovered from our brief burn in the top flight and are, like Nottingham Forest, a shadow of our former self. We need this boost to get back up there.

If you are forthcoming with your players, this will be rewarded with my almost total involvment back in the game during the working week. How's that for an added bonus?

Right - I have said my piece. Will be back in the near future with further news on the Rally, Banditos and life in its most general (and acutely specific).

Ta Ta!

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MissSpoons wrote:
12:08 18/04 2008

HAHA i love that i was wondering about your English - then you explained it haha fabulous!!!


You may check out my team if you fancy - nothing too spectacular, but i have a few that you may like... perhaps!!

Hope you are super smiley now you are in your new (old) job!

And where are you moving to?

I shall try my hardest to get to one of these pub quizzes one day - will have to pull a sicky one Tues ;)

Hope to see you winning again soon XXX

Zz00009390 wrote:
16:00 18/04 2008
pictureHey hun,

At last ya back, been watching for you every day without any luck. Congrats on finally finishing that film, looking forward seeing it. Glad you don't feel so miserable anymore so we might see more blogs from ya :)

Have a look at my team... as they say, every player has its worth and will part happily for the right amount of cash :D

Hugs and kisses
Zz00077228 wrote:
20:47 18/04 2008
pictureCheck my crap players if you like, wont find much :)

Nice update on your obviously fabulous life:P

Lol Dogs Bollocks=ridiculously good, I will use that more often :D

Anyways, keep it up!
Zz00018005 wrote:
12:33 23/04 2008

Lol i love ur blogs

ps i hav many 70 -80 players if u interested

Shy^ wrote:
00:09 24/04 2008

Hey honey

I definately wanna come over to your pub quiz, but not happening on this side of summer...
Second, like missy asked, where are you moving to?
Third, Tell your lovely wife I said hi
Fourth, I'd love to mail and stuff, but you know me, I ****at keeping in touch, do remember i think of you guys from time to time!


Sherlock Holmes wrote:
21:35 29/04 2008

Im going to London:D


Btw whats your clubs name?

Zz00009390 wrote:
20:39 12/05 2008
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