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50th not out... (18/03/2008 18:51)
Friends, friends, friends...

(Or in some cases, people i have no interest in befriending and know who you are!)

You may or may not have noticed that I have been neither a consistent nor active visitor to this site in the last, well, 2 months. There is an extremely good reason for this that i will get to in a minute. Firstly i wish to get this out of the way...


Yes, that's correct, this humble blogger has reached the big 50 in little over 18 months! Somehow i have managed to fill this incredibly threatening blank space with partly coherent babble on no less than 50 occasions. I think that would be worth some kind of present, congratulations etc, don't you?

Well, that's what I'd have thought too. And yet so far i have received diddlysquat in gratitude for my literally hours of work researching, redrafting and perfecting this deeply interesting piece of 21st century entertainment.


This is an outrage. Just think of what i have done for this game in those 50 blogs, raising the profile of this game and single handedly drawing the interests of thousands of actual people to this site. And by way of thanks, nothing! And to think I seconded that motion to get Spinner a knighthood or whatever it was last year. I don't see him doing the Norwegian equivalent for me!


Even when there is a forum on best blogger and best blog entry i get only average mention - if you want to be as horrified as me you should check it out...

The Forum that should be dominated by mentions of me but for some reason isn't

Bah and bah again. 

So why the hell do i keep coming back? Truth be told, i may well need an outlet for my anger...

Which brings me neatly on to my next topic, why i have been away...

Basically, Over the last two months or so at work I have been miserable. My job was OK, interesting in parts but generally dull. The kind of dull, however, that you can put up with, knowing that there are worse things to do with your time. My job for those of you who have never read my blog before and don't know me, involved writing.

Anyway, these two months have been made miserable by my manager and her manager. Basically, the former told me i had successfully passed my probation and had nothing to worry about. Then the latter, having had my probation documents on her desk FOR A MONTH then decides (after a particularly nasty meeting with her manager) that actually I'm not cutting the mustard. She tells me that she wants to extend my probation because the tone of my documents is not good! Tone! could anything be more subjective? So i go away and meet with my manager an explain why i don't think this is fair etc. Not a peep out of her (remember she approved my probation, therefore judging my work to be satisfactory).

Two weeks of misery follow, then we have a nice big meeting, me my manager and her manager. Turns out, my manager, unbeknownst to me, has completely changed her mind to be the nodding dog next to her manager. Not only that, she has saved examples of my work and taken them to her manager out of context, including one piece that i had explicitly said was not finished but was presented as if a finished draft! I was so angry...

So, given that I could clearly no longer trust my manager, and her manager was looking to push a probation extension on me so that I'd be easy to get rid of in the summer (near the end of the financial year so i could be the fall guy)...I decided to quit!

Last Monday i handed in my notice and was met with the frozen smile of a corpse. My manager basically acted as this had not happened, and her manager said i could leave on Friday but they would pay me until April!

For the rest of last week, my manager's manager seemed to forget her part in all this and even came on my leaving day lunch! This resulted in a very awkward lunch due to everyone else there knowing exactly what had happened! And on Friday i left, never to return! I am off for three weeks and then will start work in a temporary role for the summer, before i start teacher training (fingers crossed). I am very sad to be leaving behind those friends that I have made, but I'm sure I'll still see them, but I at least will be much happier when I do...

So, the bottom line of all this is that I have been too miserable and too careful at work to come on the game, and when i am miserable I cannot write. Well, i can, but i can't write my own work, i can't write creatively.

I can write whilst happy, angry, frustrated, ill, tired and tetchy. This is a case of emotion 2, due to my serious lack of recognition here for all i have done! You lot better watch out or i might go crackers and do some serious damage to all your teams!

And that, as they say, is that. I will take my unrecognised self off to the sofa for a lie down whilst i contemplate what to do with my life next. I think the best thing to do first is to use this 50th BLOG ENTRY to take my whinging to a wider audience, possibly through facebook or such a site - on which note, don't try to find me there, you will fail as i won't befriend you UNLESS I KNOW YOUR FACE. That means, if i haven't met you in the real world, don't try to befriend me to up your numbers - I'll only refuse or, if i am feeling rather tetchy, will go to the trouble of making up a very embarrassing "how I know you" entry that you'll most certainly regret. Either that, or I'll just ignore you...

And after that, what next for life and work and blog alike? What will the next year hold for me, what will the next 50blogs include? Will i ever be recognised for the tortured genius I truly am? Quite a quandary, I'm sure you'll agree...
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MissSpoons wrote:
14:04 19/03 2008

awwww /me hugs Wojteker!

I appreciate your blogs - i am very grateful that you make me smile when i read your blogs!

And, though you are fabulous in your blogs.... you're even more fabulous in real life (and so is your wife btw, you were so meant to be)

I hope (fingers crossed) you get this teacher training thing ... one day, you too, may be calling Crapita haha ;)

Enjoy your 3 weeks off XXX

Zz00077228 wrote:
23:17 19/03 2008
pictureHehe, I said you:D

Again, I see why you should be recommended, keep it up!!

Teacher training? Once that's done, come teach me how you writ elike that :O
Spinner wrote:
01:37 20/03 2008
pictureI beg your pardon???
The nerve!!

Posts: 2038
Wojteker is a fantastic writer, who always manages to capture my attention. The topics he bring up shift from time to time, and he is a great ranter.
And he bought me a beer in London, which none of the other bloggers have done Tongue

Anyway...From the sound of things, I am glad you left your job. You are, clearly, a writer with more than just "a lot of potential" and if they can't see it, it's their bloody loss.
I think you should spend a few days here in Norway actually, to find new inspiration, taste some horrible Norwegian food (Oh yes, you wouldn't get off any easier than Kloopy and MissSpoons did!), and catch the last glimpses of snow that we have to offer. Consider this my official invitation. And if you are really nice, I might be able to borrow my moms cabin if you should drop by!
I also belive I owe you a beer!

As for your choice to try out as a teacher, I can only wish you the best of luck :)
I have been a substitute teacher for a 4rth grade for a few months (before I started with ML, mind you) and I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it doesn't pay very well, but I think it just might be the job I have liked the most.

Now then, Mr I-Want-To-Be-Famous-On-Facebook, best of luck on that too! It's a bit out of date though, why not write a blog, and walk around in London with a stapler and make sure people read it on the street or something? Much cooler!
( And, of course, with a little ManagerLeague-ad at the bottom :-P )

Good luck with your next couple of months, and I am happy that you will now have more time to entertain us more frequently.
I hope your blog # 100 will be as good as #50.

P.S. Don't misunderstand the invitation and all, I will still do my best to make your life miserable, it's just easier for me to do so if you come here!


Happy sailing
Shy^ wrote:
01:26 21/03 2008


I agree with spinner. Take your gorgeous wife with you, and drop by norway the first week of April! Although I dont think either of us really have room for you guys (seeing as I live on 18m2 and honestly Spinner, However much i love you and your family, you dont have much space either :)) But there are always hotels or hostels and I bet you can find a cheap flight :)

Anywhoo, really happy too see you back in the bloggin business.. although I knew it was coming (seeing our little get-together couple of weekends ago). If you ever wanna talk you know where to find me! (I hope)

Lots of love
XXXXX (see, FIVE!!!)

Zz00009390 wrote:
21:23 21/03 2008
pictureof all bloggers i must admit i always look out for something from you... i am your loyal follower for life. Keep on writing and be happy... tbh, i think you need some south african sun. Even though i live in a 1 bedroom flat, i would give up my room for ya \o/
TanTheMan wrote:
11:50 31/03 2008
pictureFirst of all: Congrats with 50 blogs! I haven't read even half of them, but I've liked a lot of what I've read.

" Even when there is a forum on best blogger and best blog entry i get only average mention - if you want to be as horrified as me you should check it out...

The Forum that should be dominated by mentions of me but for some reason isn't"

Wojteker (Banditos)  wrote:
shy and webvictim rank equal top within my head...[/quote]

One of your posts from that thread.
I'd say that you're definitely the best writer, but your blogs aren't helpful when it comes to ML, and a lot of the people there focus on that.

The "story" about your job reminds me of a movie, where those with power are those who doesn't deserve it, and the good guy gets treated much worse than he should (Yes, you're actually the nice guy here...). :P
Remember that the movies (almost) always ends up with the good guy getting what he deserves!

Good luck on finding a new job!
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