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Wojteker needs you... (04/02/2008 15:20)
Might as well put this in here as well, seeing as how i've been asked to...

Wojteker Needs YOU!!!

A friend of a friend is setting up her boyfriend for Valentines day.

She is trying to get as many strangers as possible to send her boyfriend a Valentines Day card.

I need your help to boost this worldwide!

Basically, can anyone help me by agreeing to send a valentines day card to a stranger from where you are, aiming for it to arrive on 14th Feb? This would mean in the Uk sending 1st class on 13th, rest of Europe probably 11th and the rest of the world probably on 11th.

Anyone interested? If so, ml-mail me and i'll give you the address. If you are not from the UK, in your own language would be ace!

Can you help?

So far i have confirmed 8 people who are gonna help out, but i want more, more, MORE!

I'll try to update you all on how many he gets, etc if possible. That way you'll get some feedback. But for now, be part of something that could be really big!

All the best


Ps - i'll blog properly soon, promise!
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