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Pictures of my players; Kaizers Orchestra; Ses. 35 (04/02/2008 09:38)
This page is not updated at the moment , sorry...

Ronald Merstun                                                
  Ronald Merstun                      Tor Løset

Einar Espenes       Helge Omen Kaizer      Jens Kristian Løland        Eivind Strømberg        BettyBoobs      Ole Kveli           
  Einar Espenes               Helge Omen Kaizer         Jens Kristian Løland          Eivind Strømberg                  BettyBoobs                             Ole Kveli

Ola Buer       Dogaru Petre        Fredrik Gjønnes      Martin Elnes          Torfinn Hervik
       Ola Buer                         Dogaru Petre                   Fredrik Gjønnes                Martin Elnes                 Torfinn Hervik  


 Ronaldinho    Besian Idrizaj      Terje Killmaster Kaizer        Monsieur Clavier         Marid al-Darir   
    Ronaldinho                     Besian Idrizaj             Terje Killmaster Kaizer        Monsieur Clavier                 Marid al-Darir

Stian Terjesen      Sigurd Ballestad     Bill Rampston      Jørgen Mathiesen       Jasper Wetherden
   Stian Terjesen                Sigurd Ballestad                Bill Rampston               Jørgen Mathiesen            Jasper Wetherden

Nikita Khrushchev       Telmo Mateus     Jahn Methisen    Dag Inge Fossland       Torbjørn Lund      Jake Barker      Ironman          
Nikita Khrushchev               Telmo Mateus               Jahn Methisen               Dag Inge Fossland            Torbjørn Lund                  Jake Barker                    Ironman

Take a look at some of the Retired Old Heros, the players that changed history.

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This blogger owns the team Double DD. Team details
Skot wrote:
11:08 05/02 2008
Mycroft wrote:
15:17 05/02 2008

Hehe, some really funny pics

Dag Inge rofl

Eliot wrote:
16:13 05/02 2008

Lol :P

Lardonio wrote:
13:13 06/02 2008
pictureSo the competition is: Guess which one of the pictures actually depict Mr. Kaizer himself.
Eliot wrote:
16:42 06/02 2008
pictureIs it Ola Buer's? :P
Spinner wrote:
10:51 11/02 2008
pictureFantastic! How did I miss this blog when you made it???

I hope to implement a team-photo page at some stage though, which would show this automatically....
Or possibly in the!
Zz00096065 wrote:
16:45 11/02 2008
pictureCory De la Croix and ur 2 central ''attackers'' var hillarius, keep up the good work:)
paydo wrote:
15:07 26/02 2008
picturethats coll especially Fossland
topspin wrote:
18:24 29/02 2008
pictureOhhh nice blog...(tup)
Zz00067358 wrote:
15:57 04/03 2008
pictureNice one AGAIN! ;)
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