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Arrested decline... (25/01/2008 13:45)
Banditos have bottomed out!

Four seasons ago we were at our strongest point ever, having reached Division 1 with a firey line-up built on limited means. Banditos have never had the money or the depth of squad to really challenge, but we've done well.

But, after every success there comes disappointment. Four seasons on, with a squad creacky around on ageing limbs, we have slunk back down to Division 3, where we now sit, hoping a bit of fortune might favour us and push us Northwards.

Basically, we are Stoke.

Quite frankly, that's about enough of a team report as i can take. Instead, if you'll forgive me, I'd like to talk about other things!

Ramshackle Rally Valencia 2008 (this is a link to the website - how good am I at this modern technology!)

After a great many weeks of deliberating, querying the sums and browing websites like ebay and gumtree to ascertain feasibility, the wife and i have stumped up the entry fee and signed ourselves up for the Ramshackle Rally Valencia.

I shall explain - this is a competition that sees 100 teams purchase cars for no more than £100 a pop. They then have to decorate said cars, adorn themselves with fancy clothes and head to Calais (France) in late August. From Calais, the teams compete across 1450 miles, four days and three countries (increases to 5 if the satnav is obeyed!) to win points and ultimately prizes! Each night is spent in revelry in a fine locale and winners are announced on the last night in Valencia (spain). The cars are then scrapped and we all set off to throw Tomatos at each other in the streets at La Tomatina!

It's basically a banger rally across europe. We're on the Valencia trip but there are also routes to Krakow and Split depending on your preference and dates.

"What's the point!" I hear you cry? Well, other than simply doing it for the sake of propelling a rust bucket through France, Italy, France again and then Spain, the wife and i are focussing our efforts on generating £1000 (probably about 1400 euros or something!) for North London Hospice that looks after cancer patients in our local area.

As this is a scheme in the best senses of the word, i have decided to channel myself into it and go to town on it for the sake of cash, cash, cash. So, I will try to blog every week on where we're up to, what happens or what i am thinking about it at the time i write. It may be crap, it may be enlightening, who can tell at this point.

So, we have signed up, we have our theme and team name (The Enfield Vikings), and we have our charity. We even have a sister team who will be accompanying us on the trip for their own charity. This is very promising and means, should we break down, at least someone will stop and feel sorry for us! This is quite likely, considering i have a small amount of mechanical knowledge. Nevertheless, i have ordered a copy of "Auto Repair for Dummies" from the library and will approach this task like any Englishman would - undaunted  and with the expectation that sheer bloodymindedness will get us through!

(If you fancy the quest, join up - there are still 20 odd places left at time of writing!)

In good time i will be offering you the chance to support us financially or with gifts in kind, should you so wish. I hope you can support us in our quest for motoring glory.

All we need now is a car...

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Blogger has no team.
Shy^ wrote:
17:25 25/01 2008
pictureLooking forward to hearing more about your preps for the rally and also to hopefully see you some time during spring!:)
MissSpoons wrote:
11:04 28/01 2008


I learnt about this tomato thing on tv the other day and now i sooooooooo wanna go - im so totally jealous!!!!!!!!

Me and Kloops are gonna go there oneday (he doesnt know this yet tho)

Please make your car pink *smiles sweetly*  Cant wait to hear all about it!!!!

Will be seeing you again soon with Shy i hope!!  (Will get you some of our pics too)

Zz00001710 wrote:
00:18 30/01 2008
pictureWow, one day I will make it on one of these rallies. This one seems slightly more attainable (and affordable) than the cannonball run!

Best of luck in your aims and I hope the breakdowns are kept to a minimum!

Care to tell us what car you have gone for?
Pilgrim Pete wrote:
15:17 30/01 2008
picturei did the cannonball in the uk 3 years ok. In a new car it was nothing but problems with breakdowns and totally fked back from sitting in a car for 18 hours a day then getting pissed and starting off again the following morning at 6am feeling as sick as a dog.
Despite all of that it was the best few days of my life it was incredible. I know you are going to enjoy it just as much. Just make sure you dont get perturbed by all the breakdowns. And bring lots of cash to fix the parts of the car that will invariably fall off along the way.

Good Luck :)
Pilgrim Pete wrote:
15:19 30/01 2008
pictureI forgot to mention make sure you bring an extra spare "wheel" not tyre but wheel. and two wrenches to get the old wheel off in case you are incapable and bend the first one so it wont work anymore :(

Have fun :)
Spinner wrote:
21:01 30/01 2008
pictureHehe, it sounds like Pilgrim Pete knows one or two things about what you are about to embark on, dear sir!

A fabolous idea, if I ever saw one, and clearly much more exciting than your 3rd division team :-P
(That said, ehem, I seem to be in the same division though!)

So, how much for a big fat ML-Logo on that car of yours? :)
A "" text along the side of the car, with a football on each side or something?

Oh, and as for things you should bring along, well, don't forget a first-aid kit!

Drive safely, and WHEN you crash, aim for something soft and cheap!
Wojteker wrote:
23:10 30/01 2008
pictureI can see Pilgrim Pete becoming something of an advisor!

It's sillier than the cannonball, and not as demanding, but all tips taken on board!

As for the ml logo - way ahead of you there - some advertising should be possible. Obviously the banditos logo will be there too!
Zz00110232 wrote:
10:55 01/02 2008
pictureSWANSEA !!!
Wojteker wrote:
22:27 01/02 2008
pictureWojteker Needs YOU!!!

A friend of a friend is setting up her boyfriend for Valentines day.

She is trying to get as many strangers as possible to send her boyfriend a Valentines Day card.

I need your help to boost this worldwide!

Basically, can anyone help me by agreeing to send a valentines day card to a stranger from where you are, aiming for it to arrive on 14th Feb? This would mean in the Uk sending 1st class on 13th, rest of Europe probably 11th and the rest of the world probably on 11th.

Anyone interested? If so, ml-mail me and i'll give you the address. If you are not from the UK, in your own language would be ace!

Can you help?

Zz00009390 wrote:
15:34 03/02 2008
pictureawesome!!  We want pics of everything as you go along
MissSpoons wrote:
10:26 04/02 2008

Woj - that sounds so fun!

I'll totally send one - send me details!!!

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