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Apres Last Year... (03/01/2008 16:22)
Welcome to the dark blue hatred that is the opening notes to 2008.

I would wish you a happy new year but i'm not at all in the mood.

Instead, i thought i would review 2007 and see where 2008 may take us...

Wojtker's Review of the Year 2007

As you will undoubtedly recall, last year i made some solid resolutions and actually slapped them down into the internet. This means i now have to account for my last 12 months in light of these fits of resolve. (The full blog entry can be seen by clicking HERE, but please remember to come back and read on).

So, here we go...

1. Write more. I did in fact write the word "more" more often, but that was a by product of my prodigious (relatively) output in 2007. Although I did not quite meet the promise of writing each and every day on those particular strands, I did secure paid employment as a writer of things that are not mine. A step in the right direction. Blog rate was up, i have also created another alter ego pen name (more on that another time) and have produced a number of short stories and short film leetcodes. All in all, a big tick to me. Patting myself on the back.

2. Complete more things i have written Again, more finished shorts, films leetcodes and forged doctors notes etc. Tick number two.

3. Let people read what i have written once i have written it  Well, there is certainly more out there to be read, I also have given hard copies to people if they ask for a read. That said, i am fairly coy about promoting myself. Could do better here truth be told, but with blog readership at about 200 per entry and real world readership at an all time high i'll give myself three for three.

4. Make more films Rats, a failure here i think. Actually ended up making a longer film than last year but not completing the edit (we're in post Hell!). must be a cross. (boo)

5. Gain weight Was 9.5 stone and i realise i cannot convert it to metric but all you need to know is i am now back up to 10 stone and that's more! Tick number 4

6. Experiment with facial hair Beards, chin straps, mutton chops and moustaches, I did em all! Facebook stands testament and therefore it's 5-1 to Wojteker.

7. Make better use of my personal MySpace Failed miserably here, but that's less to do with inaction and more to do with the shift of interest to Facebook. As a result, we will be substituting MySpace for Facebook and we have another victory.

Conclusions - with 6 of 7 achieved, a victorious year for Wojteker. So, time to set the sights higher. What will 2008 bring me? It sounds like its time for...

Wojteker's New Year Resolutions 2008

1. Write more.  Yes, i am well aware this is the same as last year, but it benefits all of us so stop complaining.

2. Proactively encourage people to read what I have written, rather than pretending i'm not bothered.  This will involve a metal adjustment on my part, but it will come good!

3. Complete the damn film.  I am saying no more on this subject, so do not ask me any questions

4. Produce another "Blogcast".  It was fun doing the last one, but it needs more structure to it to work next time. I will be planning some out for the future... and buying that microphone.

5. Get something published.
  I really want to break this holy grail. Therefore, i have a story i am sending off to a magazine tomorrow. Stay tuned for news. Alternatively, if you have any publishing connections and need something written, lets talk!

6. Take better care of my body.  To be honest, i've not treated it too well recently and it's full of injuries. As it's the only one i've got until medical science comes up with another solution, more stretching etc.

7. Be a better husband.  I shall say no more, but it's written down now and therefore is binding.

So there you have it. A year reviewed and a year foretold. on 12 months to wait to see how i get on. Or less. Who knows?

Finally, despite veiled invitations to read my stories sent in both the first and  third person (cheers Marvin) none of you have asked to  read my shorts. In keeping with 2008 resolution 2,  I have a number now available FOR FREE for you to read should you wish to. Some are sad, some are funny, some have a logic all their own, but they are all my brainchildren and my brood need feeding. So message me to read, go on, what harm can it do you?

Anyway, enough about me, how are you?

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Spinner wrote:
18:08 03/01 2008
pictureTo be honest, I've had a shitty Xmas and a Crap New Year celebration, as there has been nothing but illness, sickness and family drama in my closest family. A wonder noone has actually died, really!

However, that said, things can't but help picking up!

I dare say you are one Resolution short, and that would be
8. Visit Norway

If you do not, I will have to drop by again, and drag you over (Not quite to the dark side, with the midnight sun and all, but to the rather cold, expensive and slightly snowy side)

As for actively making people read what you write..Well...I'd guess you have a few readers in here..Or so I'd hope  ?

Best of luck with your Resolutions. Personally I don't have any official ones!
Well, except bothering you in here though :-P

Have a good un!
Shy^ wrote:
19:38 03/01 2008
pictureIm glad to see you have written once again, I also must say i agree with The boss on the fact that you have to come to norway. Arriving in Oslo during the period february-july will be just fine by us all :P

Bring friends.

Hugs xxxxx Shy   
MissSpoons wrote:
09:36 07/01 2008

Well done on last years triumphs!!!

Goodluck for this years :)

Think you should have...  9. Meet more people. (always a good one!)

I would totally read your work but i am about to be busy at work and have crap internet at home atm. But when it slows down i would love to read your stuff!!!


Zz00009390 wrote:
20:45 07/01 2008
picturegood luck with your New Year Resolutions 2008
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