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10th place... (16/11/2007 17:13)
Had no intention to blog today but a number of factors have driven me to this.

1. The servers are down at work and have been all day. This means that the shared drive (where we are always told to save everything) is down. Therefore no access to documents i am working on and therefore no REAL work to do. That said, somehow we still do have internet access and i am bored.

2. I have just been caught postulating about the good/bad aspects of David Ike by my boss. (if you don't know about him - David Ike, not my Boss, you should - conspiracy theories and the illuminaties. Very interesting, up until the pan-dimensional lizards). Therefore i have decided i may as well get hung for the whole lot, so blogging at work! Shh, don't tell

Well, everyhing seems to be breaking at work today. The serves, the lift, the water cooler, me... I woke up thinking it was saturday, and lets face it, that's the worst way to start a friday. You should be happy its friday, not disappointed it's not saturday boo!

At least it's not thursday

(although, it MAY be thursday as you are reading this, for that i can only apologise. You'll get through it, i'm sure you can do it! we're with you, we all are!)

Beyond this, it's been an interesting few days in the ol' Wojteker house. The cat brouht his cat tree crashing down for the scond time in three months. The cat tree is a floor to ceiling scratching post with numerous letters, all in a wonderful 70s beige colour. Beautiful. Unfortunately, it appears to have been designed by monkeys. And not the good ones that write all the shakespeare or pick tea. Daft ones who construct a foundationless structure with the load bearing parts being made of plastic and helt togather by a single column of screws.

It was initially up for three days till it snapped (under the weight of a cat! and not a fat cat at that! - monkeys, i tell you) so i fixed it and it has lasted much longer. Nevertheless, it has finally gone. Like a felled tree it has to be divided up into its parts to get it out of the house, and therein lies my evenings.

I exaggerate of course...

Elsewhere, in the virtual world in which we all connect, my previous blog entry engendered exactly one half interest in reading a recent story. Am i loosing my loyal fanbase? I do hope not...

On that score, ol' Spinner ranked me (well, my blogs) at 10th place on his things he looks forward to.

10th place...

10th place...

At first i was quite flattered. It's not everyday someone puts you down as a thing to look forward to (and might i add, in the process, offer some parellel universe man love - Spinner, you can be as gay as you want, i'll still love you - we're all people here!)

Then i realised, I'm going to have to work harder. I seem to have come behind such items as new Servers and the mere possibility of  a new Managerleague office staff member. Looks like i have a year to get up that chart! I recon i can get past the birthday one, 34 is a nothing birthday...

Hold on a minute! If i apply for the vacant position when it comes up, i'll be present on the top 10 in two separate instances. That beat being number one if i hold even just places 10 and 9 i'll be on fire! Take that bigger appartment! ****on that guitar hero three!

If i, once working for ML in Oslo, then PLAYED guitar hero 3 WITH spinner, i'd have three spots! oh ho ho!

Roll on next year!


PS - Seriously, i'll take that job...
PPS - Shy, I miss you too...
PPPS - Antje - i'll buy a new mic...
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Zz00009390 wrote:
16:57 17/11 2007
pictureYou really deserve 1st place to be honest.
Cant wait for the new mic :D
ermmmm btw, you keep on missing the "i" in my nick.... how odd :P
MissSpoons wrote:
12:13 19/11 2007

Dont think you could ever lose your loyal fanbase, your blogs are definately something we all look forward to :)

Teehee - iv played GH with Spinner - i think that ranks me above you ;)

But you're always number 1 to me :) (dont tell Kloopy)

Keep on blogging mr XXXX

Shy^ wrote:
20:54 19/11 2007
pictureMr four kisses from Spoonsie you are def on my to watch list, and to look forward to aswell! :)
And im glad you miss me, we should talk sometime!

X and X and K and whatever :P
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