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Happy Easter! <--Back

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all out managers a happy easter.
We are taking a few days off in HQ, before we get back to development of the new upgrades.

We know we are behind with the coming Developers Diary, but it would not surprise us if the Easter Bunny should arrive some time during easter with more information and a little surprise.

Meanwhile, be nice to the chicks and the bunnies, enjoy Easter, and keep a lookout for the easter-bunny!

On behalf of ManagerLeague HQ and the ManagerLeague Admin Team
- Spinner

Written by Spinner 01:50 06/04 2009

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24 comment(s)
By : S c r a tCool   02:35 06/04 2009
pictureLooking forward to it
And thanx.. Happy easter to all of MLs staff too

By : ikkenice   05:59 06/04 2009
picturei remember this game from back in the days when credits were eggs.
give us some eggs!

By : FC NorwegiaCay..   08:42 06/04 2009
pictureHappy easter to all of you in the ML's staff

By : Ca2Unnescesary   08:49 06/04 2009
pictureWell... Spinner, in my opinion, you dont need to make a developers diary every week, it's alot better if you keep your focus on the actual developeing, and then give us a small taste maybe every season or something... you're better at working with the actual stuff than telling us about itWinky But anyway, looking foreward to it ofcWinky

By : Hobstereaster   10:45 06/04 2009
picturehappy easter to all managers and the ml staff

By : Hand-in-HandThis is my title. Impressive, isn't it?   12:13 06/04 2009
pictureHappy easter to everyone!

By : red bloodhappy happy   13:38 06/04 2009
pictureso! cute

By : INFOSTORYhappy eastern   15:40 06/04 2009
picturehello all
happy eastern holly days to all
may be spinner can do for us a huge cup Friday or Saturday

By : Sir T BjerkompHappy Eatser!   15:57 06/04 2009
pictureHappy easter to you all!

By : grindcoreJoyeuse Paques   21:28 06/04 2009
picturehappy easter to all ML

By : Bianccahappy eastern everybody!   00:20 07/04 2009
pictureI hope everybody will enjoy this eastern, just as much as I do^^

By : Mr.BobulasticDaaaamn   03:33 07/04 2009
pictureI have got to compliment you.. that is one amazing Easter picture

By : MR Braydoeaster cup   10:35 07/04 2009
picturecan we have an easter cup or something

By : elsakihappy easter   12:17 07/04 2009
picturehappy easter everyone

By : cacuhappy easter   15:09 07/04 2009
picturecan u send an egg to each player with credits in it?

By : Peppo OrbennasHappy easter   17:45 07/04 2009
pictureHappy easter

By : avfctomcup   15:27 08/04 2009
picturewill there be an easter cup at the end of the season like you said ages ago?
and yippe im finally top of my league

By : quintanayoHappy Easter   21:12 08/04 2009
pictureH a p p y E a s t e r S p i n n e r.
H a p p y E a s t e r a l l M L.

By : Manuelohappy Easter   16:23 10/04 2009
picture thanx.. Happy easter to all of MLs staff too

By : Realfan97Happy easter   23:23 10/04 2009
pictureHappy Easter to you guys on ML´s I hope you guys enjoy the easter just as much i do(*_*)

By : skedsmo94Happy Easter..   23:55 10/04 2009
pictureHappy Easter everybody! Rose

By : Wojthapy hapy   09:33 11/04 2009
picturehapy easter everybody

By : nobzolHappy Easter   23:41 11/04 2009
pictureHappy Easter Everybody!

By : Adibeaster   16:31 12/07 2009
picturewasn't easter a long time ago...?

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