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League Champions
Season 45

Actsitin has managed to win the International league for the first time. Congratulations to the manager, Zhen_Hong on the win. Let's hope it's it's the first of many victories.

Destructo had pulled a fast one on the division 1 teams. It's the first season in divisoin 1, and gix has managed to win it. Congratulations to gix and Destructo on the league title.

Veritas et Aequitas, smashed all opposition for the title this season. Congratulations to Mycroft on a very convincing victory.

DLBS1STS is back after 15 seasons to win another title in the English League. This is the fifth overall title for tk. Congratulations!

RO DreamTeam edged out the competition in the Romanian league to take home the league title this season. Congratulations to Porcus on the win. This is also the first League Champion title for the RO DreamTeam.

SUPERGIL is showing some muscle in the Spanish League. Congratulations to GIL KRESKAS on the first ever League Champion title!

S L BETINHO PORTUGAL is another team to get their first ever title this season. Congratulations to Betinho on the victory. Keep up the good work!

A smashing victory to CzarneKoszule this season. Coach ny1900 has collected his 8th league title this season. Congratulations!

Azulas managed to reach the top of the table again this season, making it their third straight title in a row, and the fourth overall for icedog and his men. Congratulations on the three-peat.

Newcastle Blue Star took home the title in the Australian league bu a good margin this season. Congratulations to Dauphin and his little virtual men. This is the second overall title for Newcastle Blue Star.

Is there a subscription we don't know about? It seems Petlan pretty much has the Croatian League conquered. This season marks the fourteenth straight league title. A big congratulations to Ivek and his formidable team. Is anyone going to stop this team?

FC Leobenaker came in solid in the Brazilian League this season. This is the second title in a row for Leobenaker. Congratulations on the win!

Juventus FC won the Italian League by a good margin this season. Thanks to the great management of Pepstar. This is the third title in a row for Pepstar. Congratulations on the big third win!

Squad MrPacak brough home the title in the Malaysian League. This is the second overall title for MrPacak. Keep up the good work, and congratulations on the win!

Gallipoli FC cashed in their eigth consecutive title this season. Masterfully done, Mattinn. This is also the ninth overall title for Gallipoli. Congratulations!

INDEPENDIENTE SANTA FE won strongly in the Agrentinian League this season. Congratulations on the win! This is the fourth overall title for JAB and his team.

The Dutch League was won by the Bavarian Bulldogs this season. This is the second overall win for coach Magpie. Congratulations on the win!

Royal Standard de Liege is back on top again. Natsuko has an almost perfect season. This is the second overall title for Royal Standard de Liege. We're expecting more to come in the future. Congratulations!

b-og-b – kbh-nv- also managed an almost perfect season. Good work, there. This is the second overall title for HR JORGENSEN and his men. Congratulations!

Written by Coach Mac 16:03 18/02 2009

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3 comment(s)
By : MagpieNetherlands?   21:04 02/03 2009
picturedidn't see it. sorry

By : Evil SkullHey   04:34 15/03 2009
pictureGreat job managers, But Magpie is right netherlands?

By : big meatgreat   09:16 13/06 2009
picturethey all did fantastic

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