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League Cup Champions Season 44  <--Back
League Cup Champions
Season 44

Let's have a quick look a the League Cup Finals for each league and congratulate the winners.

Actsiting faced off against Barcelona Estului in the International League. It was a rather one-sided match, as Actsiting outscored their opponents 4-0 as the final whistle blew.
Congratulations to Zhen_Hong and Actsiting on the League Cup Championship title!

This was a goal-fest. By halftime, a total of 5 goals had already gone in, with Simple Minds leading by 3-2. For a brief period Dynamo DDR managed to tie the score at 3-3, but ultimately lost out as Simple Minds added another to to make the final score 5-3.
Congratulations to Simple Minds and the coach, Grabben, on the League Cup title!

The Swedish League Cup final was a thriller for sure. At full time, the score was tied at 3-3 between the LFC UME and Veritas et Aequitas. At the 120-minute mark, the score was still tied, and a penalty shootout was called for. LFC UME came out with the most goals at the end of the shootout and took home the title.
Congratulations to LFC UME and the coach, pipen, on the Swedish League Cup title!

Although the final between Mighty Leeds United and Malajonny United started off with three quick goals within the first ten minutes, the game quickly settled into a slower pace. This obviously suited Mighty Leeds United, as they managed to stay one goal ahead of the opposition for the remainder of the game just after halftime and through to the final whistle.
Congratulations to Mighty Leeds United and coach Marching On Together on the League Cup title.

The game between RO Dream Team and RO All Star Managers was all the way from the tenth minute of play and all that way to 90 minutes. Overtime was called for, and RO All Star Managers managed to slip one in to secure the title.
Congratulations to a d r i a n, and his RO All Star Managers!

Real Boludos, the League Champions, faced off against SUPERGIL in the Spanish League Cup Final. Although Real Boludos had plenty of chances, SUPERGIL just managed to get more of them to spin past the keeper, and they took home the Spanish League Cup title for the season.
Congratulations to GIL KRESKAS and his team, SUPERGIL!

Lipemanel FC and S L BETINHO PORTUGAL went to halftime ted at 3-3 after an exciting first half. The game would be a tug of war until the 82nd minute, when Lipemanel FC finally managed to break through the defense and put the ball in the goal. A great 4-3 Win for Lipemanel FC.
Congratulations to Tom Bombadil and Lipenmanel FC on the Portuguese League Cup title! Tom Bombadil also slips away with The Double in the Portuguese League this season. Well done!

Kopytko came, played and won. They decided the game already in the first half, scoring all of their 4 goals before heading to the lockers for a breather. After halftime, it was time to cruise the game home, and so they did. Czarni 1910 Jaslo never really got into this game.
Congratulations to Kopytko and their coach, Xant on the Polish League Cup title.

Azulas faced off against Carbuncles FC in a fairly one-sided match, where icedog calmly controlled his men to a nice 5-1 win.
Congratulations to icedog and Azulas on the League Cup title. And also on taking home The Double this season!

Newcastle Blue Star faced the Wellington Phoenix FC in the Australian Cup Final. It was rather even for the better part of the game, but at 74 minutes, the Newcastle Blue Stars seemed to decide that it was time to decide the game, and smashed in 2 decisive goals in as many minutes to set the final result at 4-2.
Congratulations to Newcastle Blue Stars and Dauphin on the League Cup title!

This game went all the way to the bitter end. Petlan and STENJEVEC clashed together and played up a storm as they both played hard to beat the opponent. At the end of 90 minutes played the score was 2-2 and overtime was called for. Both teams managed to score in overtime as well, and the game was finally sent into overtime, where STENJEVEC managed to get the better of Petlan.
Congratulations to sandro.zg and STENJEVEC on the League Cup title!

FC Sparta faced Hard Soccer in the final, and at first it seemed as though FC Sparta had something going, scoring a quick goal after 3 minutes, but it would soon turn around, as Hard soccer showed their stuff, and added three goals to their own tally to end the final at 3-1.
Congratulations to Hard Soccer and Felipao on the League Cup title!

Tow very even teams, Quintiero spettacoli and Lazzaroni butted heads in the Italian Cup Final. After a 90 minute tug-of-war, it was still 1-1 and the game went into overtime. On the last half of the overtime Quintiero spettacoli came up trumps and scored the winning goal for a final result of 2-1.
Congratulations to Quintiero spettacoli and massy on the League Cup title!

Despite being down one goal after only one minute played, MFA FC managed to keep the moralu up, roll up their sleeves and pound away at Joga FC, ending the game at 3-1 for MFA FC.
Congratulations to SirFadzly and the MFA FC on the Malaysian League Cup Title.

FC uk(tm) faced off against Primatec in the final. Excpectations were prorbaly high, but it was to be a one-sided match, where FC uk(tm) would control just about everything. Already at halftime the score was 3-0, and coach mgg seemed to be pleased with that as the team coasted through the second half for a 3-0 win.
Congratulations to FC uk(tm) and mgg on the League Cup Title!

CLUB NACIONALE met Alien Team in the Argentinian Cup Final. Alien Team was in control for most of the game, and came up with a lot more chances to score, which also resulted in a few more goals for the winning team.
Congratulations to AlienG4 and the Alien Team on the League Cup title. This also means that Alien Team take home The Double in the Argentinian League this season. Well done!

The Evil Looking Clowns squared off against The Monks in the Cup Final this season. It was a real nail biter as the teams kept evening the score, and it certainly looked like the game was headed for overtime. On the 90th minute, the Evil Looking Clowns get a final corner. And they make good use of it, as they manage to score the deciding goal just before the referee blows the final whistle, amking it a 3-2 win for The Evil Looking Clowns.
Congratulations to the coach, sebas, and The Evil Looking Clowns on the League cup title this season!

SPEERs Finest and Royal Standard de Liege went head to head in the Belgian Cup Final. IT was a really close game all the way up to the 66th minute, when SPEERs Finest got one of their men sent off. This was probably a deciding factor as Royal Standard de Liege then managed to get their game together and score one to take home the win.
Congratulations to Royal Standard de Liege and coach Natsuko on the League Cup title!

b-og-b - kbh-nv- faced Danmark FK in the Danish Cup Final. Danmark FK started trailing early on in the game, and had trouble catching up again the entire game. b-og-b – kbh-nv- kept the pressure up and ended the game at 3-1.
Congratulations to HR JORGENSEN and his b-og-b - kbh-nv- on the League Cup Title!

We wish everyone the best of luck in the League Cup in season 45!

Written by Coach Mac 09:28 22/01 2009

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7 comment(s)
By : Justin Evanscongrats   19:21 22/01 2009
picturecongratulation to all winner.

By : imparator40Winky   20:34 22/01 2009
pictureeverybody good luck!

By : Mattinngratz all   17:29 23/01 2009
picturegood luck this season too. gratzz..

By : oppnedcongrats   18:06 25/01 2009
picturecongrats to all

By : TGYKYgood luck   13:35 02/02 2009
picturehey everybody, good luck!

By : RASPE BALLERgood luck!!!   13:19 18/02 2009
picturei hope Simple Minds wins DDDD

By : Duartgood luck!!!   20:05 13/04 2009
picturecongrats to the winner's and good luck for all players!!!

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