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League Champions Season 44 <--Back
League Champions
Season 44

We've got quite a few new faces on top again this season, which is always good for competition, lunch-time talks and such. It's also good to see that our veterans still have it in them, and some who are back for seconds.

Now, let's get down to presenting the League Champions.

And the winners are:

The Gremlins, lead by Gizmo, managed to claim their second overall title this season. The team ended up well beyond the second place, coming in 12 points ahead. Congratulations to Gizmo and The Gremlins.

Brutal Football cam out on top in the Norwegian League, and probably took quite a few of the seasoned veterans by complete surprise. This is coach Brutal Kaasen's first ever season in the 1st division, and claiming the title of League Champion is a spectacular feat. congratulations to Brutal Kaasen and his team!

Veritas et Aequitas, slammed in at the number one spot in the Swedish League this season, coming in a full 14 points ahead of the runner up. A very good job from coach Mycroft. This is also the fist ever league title for Veritas et Aequitas. congratulations!

Another newcomer to the League Champions table is Reggie Rovers in the English League. Congratulations on your first League Champion title, DEATH2. Always a pleasure to see new faces in the winners circle.

DraQula managed to edge out the competition in the Romanian League. It was close but coach Kimg Midas managed to hold on to the 1st place all the way to the end. Congratulations on your first League Champions title.

The Spanish League is still dominated by Real Boludos. It's getting close now, as coach Aleks "only" came out ahead by 3 points in this season. This is the 14th time the team claims the title, and the 4th title in a row. Congratulations, Aleks! Can you make it 5 in season 45?

The Portugese League also has it's own dominating force, and it's called Lipemanel FC. This is the 7th league title overall for Tom Bombadil, and the 4th in a row for Lipemanel FC. Good work. Keep it up.

CzarneKoszule managed to come pretty close to a perfect season, but had to give up one game overall to end the season at 29 wins and one loss. Coach ny1900 should be pretty pleased with that, however. This is also the 7th overall league title for CzarneKoszule. Congratulations!

Azulas, lead by their coach, icedog, managed to smash the competition this season, ending up a total of 15 points ahead in the end. Also a near perfect season, with no losses and only 2 draws to finish the season at 86 points. Well done, icedog!

Although no newcomer to winning the league title, Wellington Phoenix FC haven't seen the top position in a few seasons. As the name suggests, they've risen again, and come back on top in season 44. Congratulations to Jack the Muss on his victory!

Petlan has done it again. They've claimed their 13th League Champions title in a row! Since coach Ivek first set his sights and claimed the trophy, no other team has won the Croatian League. Can this team be dethroned, or will the streak continue in season 45? This is surely a team to keep an eye on. congratulations on the impressive win and the impressive streak!

FC Leobenaker is a brand new team to enter the winners circle. Congratulations to the coach, Leobenaker on the League Champions title! Hard Soccer had been dominating the league for a while, but had to be content with being runner-up this season.

PFC CSKA Sofia came in well ahead on points in the Italian League this season, collecting the 2nd league title in a row. Congratulations to pepstar on the win! Let's see if you can make it three in a row in season 45.

D-Generation X , lead by their coach, Oterra, defended their title from season 43 very well and held on to is by a comfortable margin. Congratulations Oterra! Can you too make it three in a row in season 45?

No real surprises in the Turkish League this season, as Gallipoli FC manage to keep a strong hold on the League Champions title. This is the 7th title in a row for the team. Well done to coach Mattin on the victory!

Another 1st time winner in the Argentinian League this season. Alien Team manages to win a bit of a thriller. The team had to win their last two games to secure the title. And win it they did. Surely the coach AlienG4 is very happy now. Congratulations on the win!

A very close season in the Dutch league as well this season, but HOlland 2 - Sparta R manages to come out on top, 2 points ahead of second place. This is the 4th overall title for Spartanello. congratulations on the win!

And we have a new winner: The Indomitable Gauls. Another first time League Champion. Congratulations to the coach, Sammi on this great achievement, and the best ov luck to you in season 45.

Denmark was probably the closest league of them all this season, as it ended up with 2 teams on top of the table with the same amount of league points.
Fortunately for The Reservoir Dogs, they managed to come out ahead on their massive goal difference, and claimed another league title. A very close call, indeed. Congratulations to Kaiser Soze on another win! This is the 12th title for the Reservoir Dogs.
Honorable mentions go to b-og-b - kbh-nv- , who came in 2nd, for their efforts.

That's it for season 44. We wish to congratulate all the other department winners (Coach Mac included ). Good luck in your new divisions!

Written by Coach Mac 13:49 19/01 2009

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8 comment(s)
By : mggGreat   14:28 19/01 2009

By : Mr KaizerCongratz   09:08 22/01 2009
pictureWell done all of you!

By : MycroftHehe   14:34 22/01 2009
pictureMy first ever leaguetitle? Thought i won the title 4 times in a row season 31-34

By : M HegremBrutal Football   15:03 22/01 2009
pictureCongrats to all of you but Brutal Football did the almost impossible thing coming from second division and win the 1. division in his first season up there

By : lukas84Romanian League   20:29 22/01 2009
pictureDraqula didn't hold on the 1st place, he granted that position in the last round, beating rival Mad Dogs, who was first before the game. And with 5 rounds before finish, the title was an affair involving all the 5 top teams.
You should have asked Skot, our ML Magasinet reporter. Huge error regarding the Swede team. Sorry, but very bad article...

By : mhakansenChamps..   21:53 22/01 2009
picturecongratulations to all winners..

By : Mattinncongratulations..   17:30 23/01 2009
picturegratz all!

By : TRABZONSPORLUgrazt   01:29 13/02 2009
picturegrazt my 1 leage yaklasıyorum

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