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Champions League Winner Season 44 <--Back
Champions League Champions
Season 44:

Lipemanel FC

Lipemanel FC, lead by Tom Bombadil seemed destined to go the distance already from the beginning, winning group 3 by a good margin, and taking out teams in the knockout stages relatively easily. The Semi-final proved to be quite a thriller though, where Lipemanel came up against a rather determined RO Dream Team. Lipemanel had to come back from a 4-2 deficit to make it 4-4 at the halftime before going into overtime. Fortunately for Tom Bombadil, his team managed to outlast the RO Dream Team and score in the overtime to make it a 5-4 win and send the team into the Champions League Finals.

In the Champions League Final, Lipemanel FC and Simple Minds fought it out for the title. Unfortunately for Simple minds, Lipemanel FC was just too strong this season, as they managed to prove already during the first 45 minutes of the game, going into half-time three goals up. Simple Minds struggled the entire game trying to get through the Lipemanel FC defense, but managed only a mere 2 shot at the goal. In the second half, Lipemanel FC added another goal to make it a 4-0 win.

Congratulations to Tom Bombadil and his Lipemanel FC team on winning the Champions League!

Written by Coach Mac 10:22 16/01 2009

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17 comment(s)
By : mggCongratz   10:56 16/01 2009
pictureGood Job Winky

By : SDLisboaParabéns   11:08 16/01 2009
pictureAfter Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho we now have Lipemanel

By : Tom BombadilName wrong   12:05 16/01 2009
pictureThe article and the first page title are great, but only one problem:

You've spelled my name wrong


By : Rebelscongratulations   13:30 16/01 2009
picturegreat job to tom for his first MLCL win and his second final.
Keep up the wonderful work and look out as its only a matter of time before im at the top grrrrrr.


By : Sir Crafty Carpercongratulations m8   17:33 16/01 2009
picturewp m8 congratulations for you and your great team

oh yh arent we in season 44 not 43 as the article suggests lol

By : Luís NetoParabéns rapaz!   22:41 16/01 2009

By : nasantosParabéns !   13:26 17/01 2009
pictureParabéns pela grande vitória alcançada.
Bom trabalho.

nasantos, Santosville City F.C.

By : martins25martins25   20:03 17/01 2009

By : Evil SkullHEY!   23:09 17/01 2009
pictureGOOD JOB MAN!

By : JorgeMGanda Vitoria   23:59 17/01 2009
pictureParabens e MUITO OBRIGADO pela EXCLENTE participacao e representacao dos TUGAS!!!!

By : cman234GREAT MACTH   17:44 18/01 2009

By : sircarlosparabéns   19:16 18/01 2009
pictureparabéns por esta grande vitória,é sempre bom ver uma equipa portuguesa a ganhar os grandes titulos.

By : jeslanHow to play the match   07:59 19/01 2009
pictureI don,t know

By : bosslippoLIPPO   09:26 22/01 2009
picturecongratulation...its great! u r d best

By : MattinnLipe   01:19 24/01 2009
picturegratz mate..

By : oppnedcongrats   18:08 25/01 2009
picturecongrats to all

By : fcpbestlol   20:38 09/02 2009
pictureI m new hear congratulations

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