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League Cup Champions
Season 43


It's that time of the month again, and we are here to present the winners of the various leagues around the world. It's good to see that many new teams are joining the ranks of the winners. Here we go.

SV Wunderland managed to edge out the competition this season and secured the first ever League Championship for the team. Congratulations to d o c, on a splendid win.

Another team joining in the ranks of the league winners this season is TanTheMan, with his team, TanTheManUnited. A secure win in the tough Norwegian League is a great accomplishment. Congratulations to TanTheMan on the win.

In the Swedish League, the Headbangers Circus finished well ahead of the competition, and brought home the third League Championship in the history of the team. Congratulations to the coach, Eddie the Head on the win.

The English League was completely dominated this season by Oldham Athletic AFC, who were untouchable in the latter stages of the season. This is also the first ever League Championship for the team, and certainly one to watch out for next season. Congratulations to the coach, P Wilson on a fabulous win.

The Ro All Star Managers, lead by a d r i a n, climbed to the top of the table this season, grabbing a second straight win in the Romanian League. Congratulations!

No real surprises here. Real Boludos took home their twelfth championship overall, and their third consecutive title this season. Congratulations to Aleks yet again. Keep up the good work.

After a tight race at the end, FC Lipmanel managed to hang on to the top of the table and come out the League Champions of the Portugese League. This is coach Tom Bombadils third consecutive League win. Congratulations.

Kopytko has secured their second League Championship this season. Could it be the start of a streak? Congratulations to Xant and his team on the win.

Azulas has taken back the crown, after missing out last season. This is the second win overall for coach icedog and Azulas. Congratulations on the win.

The New Castle Blue Star have collected their third title this season, completely smashing the opposition, and winning the league by 11 points in the end. Congratulations to Dauphin on the win.

Surely no great surprise that Petlan have collected yet another League win, and again, well ahead of the competition. This is also the twelfth consecutive win for Ivek and Petlan, and that is a great achievement by any standards. We salute you and congratulate you on this fine achievement.

Hard Soccer is another team that's hard to beat, and to prove it, coach Felipao gathered another title this season. This is the seventh consecutive title for the team. Congratulations!

Winning a smashing victory in the Italian League is PFC CSKA Sofia, lead by pepstar. This is the first ever League Championship title for the team. Congratulations to the team and to the coach on your first league win!

Another newcomer joins the ranks of the league winners in Malaysia this season, and it's D-generation X, lead by coach Oterra. Holding a pleasant margin to the competition too, we might add. Congratulations to you, and good luck in the upcoming season.

Grabbing their sixth consecutive title this season is Gallipoli FC, lead by coach Mattinn. Congratulations to you on the win.

The Argentinian KneeBreakers won a comfortable win in the Argentinian league this season, and coach Stambros can rest easy for a little while, knowing the title has been reclaimed. Congratulations Stambros!

A very close race in the Dutch League ended up with the Bavaria Bulldogs finding their way to the top spot by a single point. The Bavaria Bulldogs are newcomers among the League Champions, and a big congratulations to coach Magpie on the title.

After taking the first title, five seasons ago, SPEERs Finest have managed to hold on to the title with an iron grip every season. This season makes it five consecutive wins in the Belgian League. Congratulations to coach SPEER on a fine achievement.

Coach Kaiser Soze does it again. This time for the fifth time in a row, and for the eleventh time overall. The Reservoir Dogs come out on top again in the Danish League. Congratulations to you, Kaiser Soze!

And with that, we make a little note of congratulating all the department winners, and may you have much success in your new division in season 44.

Written by Coach Mac 14:23 22/12 2008

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8 comment(s)
By : famelessCongrats   15:04 22/12 2008
pictureto everyone...especially to doc, the first german who wins division 1 in ML. (??!!).


By : coma ®Congratulations to all of you   18:40 22/12 2008
pictureWell done a d r i a n

By : Evans_LoiReTahniah   04:54 23/12 2008
picturetahniah kepada semua pemenang. hahaha

By : mggcongr   09:58 23/12 2008
pictureConzgratz ALL
it is league cup picture:S not champion

By : Renaldo11congrats   09:39 25/12 2008
pictureCongratulations allz !!!

By : MattinnSeason 43 League Winners   12:24 27/12 2008
pictureLeague Cup Champions
Season 43


there is sth wrong about topics.
ty for the article Coach! and gratz all.

By : Harry Pottheadyeah d o c   18:18 28/12 2008
picturecongratulations to everyone!!!

WELL DONE d o c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By : Mother GooseLeague Cup Champion Trophy   22:07 30/12 2008
pictureWhere are the League Cup winnners?
Congrats to all the winners , both in league and cup.

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