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Season 42 League Cup Champions <--Back
League Cup Champions
Season 42

Several new names have appeared this season, maybe some expected and maybe some unexpected.

So let's get right to it.

We have a first time champion in the International League, and it's SV Wunderland. Surely a great win for the coach, d o c, who was a runner-up in season 40. Congratulations on the big win.

Fystor managed to come out on top in Norway. Fystor has been to the final once before, but this is the first League Cup win for Fystor. Congratulations on your first ever Leage Cup Championship.

Headbangers Circus is another newcomer in the League Cup hall of fame. It's great to see some new faces. Big congratulations to Eddie the Head on the League Cup win.

Mighty Leeds United took home the League Cup in style, and added yet another new name to the list of League Cup Winners. Congratulations to Marching On Together on the great victory.

BiKinI TeaM took home not only the League Cup Championship, but also managed to secure the double this season. Both for the very first time. Congratulations to topless on this fine achievement.

Real Buldos is not unexpectedly at the top in the Spanish League, and walk away with the League cup and grab the double in the process this season as well. Congratulations to Aleks on staying on top and being a consistent winner.

Lipmanel FC has done it again. Tom Bombadil is continuing to stay at the top, and with the League Cup Championship managed to grab the double as well this season. Congratulations.

After three consecutive runner-up positions in the League Cup, it was finally Kopytkos time to shine. I'm sure Xant feels really good about this victory. And not only is Kopytko the League Cup
Champions in Poland, but they've also secured the double this seasons. Congratulations!

Azulas has captured the League Cup for the second season running. This is also their third League Cup win. Congratulations to icedog and Azulas on the victory.

We have another newcomer into the winners circle in the Australian league. Shellharbour has won the Aussie League Cup. Congratulations to King_Arthur on taking a spot in the ManagerLeague hall of fame.

Petlan is a familiar name to anyone in the Croatian League, and they are again the winners of the League Cup this season. Congratulations to the coach, Ivek. Keep up the good work.

Hard Soccer, lead by Felipao once again take home the League Cup Championship. That also makes it another double for Hard Soccer. Congratulations. It's almost a habit now

We've got another new champion in Italy! Congratulations to ARENA party, and their coach, Mefisto, on this great achievement. Best of luck on defending the title next season.

MFA FC has been to the League Cup final once before, but ended up in second place. This time around it was different, as SirFadzly lead his team to victory, and reserved a spot in the ManagerLeague hall of fame. Congratulations on the win.

F C uk ™ fought hard, and it was all worth it, as coach mgg secured a spot on the winners list. Congratulations on winning the League Cup Championship!

INDEPENDIENTE SANTA FE managed to secure yet another League Cup Championship, and with that, they took the double in the Argentinian League. Congratulations to JAB yet again.

Back in season 29, Spartacus was in the League Cup final, but lost out. This time around MuckingFuppet wasn't about to let the chance slip away, and brought home the League Cup Championship. Congratulations on the win. Yet another new name is added to the winners list of ManagerLeague.

SPEERs Finest has dominated the Belgian League for some time now, and once again shows everyone how to run a winning team .congratulations to SPEER on both the League Cup Championship and on taking home the double this season.

Reservoir Dogs are as close to having a permanent ticket to the League Cup finals. They've won the League Cup nine times now. Can Kaiser Soze make it av even ten next season? We'll see. Congratulations on the win!

That's it for this season. Congratulations to all the Department Cup winners in the lower divisons as well. Keep it up and you might end up on this list in a future season.

And to everyone. The best of luck in season 43!

Written by Coach Mac 21:33 26/11 2008

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12 comment(s)
By : Edwin ChinWell done....   04:52 27/11 2008
pictureWell done to all the winners in ML.....

Hope all of you will have a better season in season 43...

By : Evans_LoiRecongrats   04:52 27/11 2008
pictureyou've got ir wrong in malaysia..
it was suposed to be MFA FC not MCA FC

By : Coach MacFixed   14:30 27/11 2008
pictureSorry about that typo there. It has now been fixed.

By : Sir TobySure i won   15:08 27/11 2008
pictureI won English league but didnt get a mention, thanks spinner

By : Sir Tobysorry   15:15 27/11 2008
pictureI take that back, didnt realise this was the cup section

By : Eddie the HeadCongrats to all winners   16:09 27/11 2008
picture( I have actually won it ones before )

By : nomad_wolfCongratulations   18:18 27/11 2008
pictureCongratulations to all the winners .

I hope someday i'll be a top dog too

By : mggCENSOR   19:18 27/11 2008
picturei don't like censor!? My team name F C U K, not ****

By : Coach MacFixed II   09:38 28/11 2008
pictureHey mgg.
I've fixed your name. It got caught in the profanity filter The article actually had your name right, but when it was published, it got censored With a few spaces everything's ok

By : mggthx   11:08 04/12 2008
picturethx 4 u coach mac

By : Kasper Jzackfrench!   19:44 14/12 2008
picturewe must make a league of French

By : Foolish dannyYoung Players For Sale   19:08 19/12 2008
pictureI know this silly to ask but am going to ask

dose anyone have any good young player around rating 70+ i know some not be cheap but you might find some please contact me if you have any

i know am pushing my luck but always nice to try

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