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picLeague Cup Champions Season 31

In the International League Cup, Manch United defeated Chimichurri Asesino a staggering 6-0 in the finals, making it one of the biggest wins in any League Cup final in our history. That said though, Chimichurri Asesino is one of the very few teams from Division 2 who ever made it to a League Cup final!

In the Norwegian League Cup, TheGunners defeated Murdoch Uni SC 4-2 after extra time in the finals.

In Sweden, Barmy Army FK defeated kilsmo ik 4-3 after extra time in the finals.
I am sure this new Trophy will fit nicely next to the identical one from last season!

In England, Reggie Rovers stole the cup trophy from nicks hotspurs with a 4-1 win, much because of the referees red card.
I am sure this new Trophy will fit nicely next to the identical one from last season and the one from season 27!

In Romania, DINAMO 13 defeated kraMMer Team after a fantastic by DINAMO 13 who were behind 0-3 after 33 minutes. A very clear example of how lowering the pressure at a solid lead some times invites the other team into the match. This time, it cost kraMMer Team the trophy!
This is the third time DINAMO 13 walks away with the League Cup gold! They also managed to take The Double this season!

In Spain, SUPERMICRO defeated Java coders after penalty shootout. Vinny Freeney had a chance to win it at the very last minute of the extra time, but his shot was just over the goal!
Finally, someone was able to stop Java coders from taking the gold, as they did in seasons 28, 29 and 30!

In Portugal, Lipemanel FC won the trophy and left the cup-silver to GIL VICENTE after two great goals by Lipemanel FC in the second half of the extra time.
Lipemanel FC continues to dominate the Portuguese League Cup, making this their 5th gold. The big surprise is their failure to perform in the League this season, coming in rock bottom in the league and relegating into 2/1 next season!

In Poland, The Lemons were left a bit sour after losing to OmenMordaciousKickers in the finals. Again, an exampleshowing how dangerous it can be to drop the pressure and allow the opponent the space they need to get into the match.
This was actually the 6th consecutive League Cup Gold for OmenMordaciousKickers, who also happened to secure "The double" this season.

In USA, Ballistic United showed TIBURON how to play football, with a convincing 2-4 win.
This is the fifth time Ballistic United walks away with the League Cup gold!

In the Australian League Cup, Wellington Phoenix FC had a simple win against Srennug Lanesra, with a score of 4-0. Wellington Phoenix FC showed complete control the entire match, and were never in any danger.
Winning both the League and the League Cup, Wellington Phoenix FC secured The Double this season!

In the Croatian League Cup, Petlan defeated Fc Jarun with the score 2-1. All 3 goals were scored in the first 15 minutes of the match.
Congratulations on your first Cup Gold!

In Brazil, PEDRO SILVA won 2-0 over Posto 6 FC, controlling the match from start to finish.
Congratulations on your first Cup Gold!

In the Italian League Cup, Cus Pavia Fc had a lucky 2-1 win against BryyM in a colourful final, featuring events like "Goal by Mr Lova Lova" and "Red card to Baron Von Munchhausen".
3 League Cup finals has given this team 3 gold medals, and winning The Double this season: A performance that says it all.

In Malaysia, Yakuza MyTeam from Division 2, secured the Cup Gold when defeating ddude in an even match ddude would have won if his goalie had not lost it for him.
Congratulations on your first Cup Gold!

In Turkey, the finals became a bit of an anti-climax with a complete walkover for Gallipoli FC, winning with the staggering numbers 6-0 against Galatasaray Sk. A truly horrible performance by all players on, Galatasaray Sk with the exception of Kalervo Viinikainen who tried his best.
The funny thing is that last season, Galatasaray FC won 6-0 in the finals!

In the Dutch League Cup, Bavaria Bulldogs won the gold with a freekick that will enter the historybooks from 27 meters, and left the goalkeeper sprawling on the ground. Holland 1 - A-tack tried changing to 4-3-3 towards the last 15 minutes of the game, but to no avail.
Congratulations on your first Cup Gold! The same two teams have been fighting to win the League as well, but that contest ended with the opposite result!

In Belgium, Royal Standard de Liege won an even match against US pondrome, even after missing on a penalty in the 86th minute.
Congratulations on your first Cup Gold and your first Double!

In Denmark, FC Kopenhagen gave a free lesson in how to score goals, and left Reservoir Dogs to wonder what had hit them. Both strikers with Reservoir Dogs played terribly, and had little to offer in terms of effort, attempts or goals.
I am sure this new Trophy will fit nicely next to the identical one from last season! And as Reservoir Dogs won the League, I am sure The League Cup came as a nice compensation for you!

Congratulations to all of you with your medals, and all the best for next seasons League Cup!

P.S. I know I should have put flags in here, but now I've spent hours writing this and adding the right links to each team, and I really do not have mroe time to spend on this!

- Spinner
Proud,and overworked creator of ManagerLeague - Online football manager

Written by Spinner 02:50 24/01 2008

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12 comment(s)
By : SlayerXhehe   06:22 24/01 2008
picturenice summary boss, you need a good (and smexy) secretary for all these though

By : SpinnerIndeed!   09:13 24/01 2008
pictureIndeed I do!

Any nice looking female blondes out there?

By : Tom BombadilRelegation   19:23 24/01 2008
pictureJust to correct, i went down to dpt 2/4 Winky

But I'll be back

By : ShlomiThanks Spinner   19:26 24/01 2008
pictureIt is with much respect, becoming the first Italian League champion.
Your game has given much colour to my internet life.
Keep on the great work you're (and the rest of the admins) doing.


By : timmetjeflags   20:19 24/01 2008
picturespin, you did you work good, its not so grave that there aren't flags

By : E.T.?Congratulations to all   21:09 24/01 2008
pictureDinamo 13 ... he can make the double this season too

By : MrPacakcongratulation to yakuza   06:03 25/01 2008
picturebad luck to ddude. now, it's time for you to go back to your home town league, australia. get out of malaysia leageu.

By : SirFadzlycongratulation to yakuza   06:10 25/01 2008
picturei support MrPacak

By : Apuliaabout Cus Pavia   15:20 25/01 2008
pictureif only he was really italian...

By : Shlomiabout Apulia   22:50 26/01 2008
picturesono italiano.
magari non riesci a capire come' un'italiano puo' parlare l'inglese

cmq, prova a vincere questo anno. magari avvremmo una liga piu' interesante dei anni scorsi.


By : Yakuza_Inc.Thanks   07:39 29/01 2008
pictureHehe..thanks Pacak. It was just luck that I won.
But since ddude is a Malaysian, I think he has all the right to join Malaysian League.

p/s : ddude : i'd prefer a fairer match, eventho that would mean a mega trashing for me

By : marsaSBmarsaSB   11:07 30/01 2008

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