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picManagerLeague Season 32

So it's that time again, and some times it is amazing how fast those 4 weeks swoosh by!

A season is heading towards it's end, I failed to promote in the very last play-off match and I can only hope to do better next season. Luckily I am in a nice social department, so it's not an emergency, but I really hope next season will be my promotion-season.

As all of you players are spoiled with getting new improvements every season, I am afraid there is little to report this time around. Not only was time lost to some much needed vacation in regards to Christmas and New Year hollidays, but I have also been a little ill again, which is why my forum avatar looks like a pirate.

However, things have happened on the development side, but maybe not the things I wanted to see happen the most. Nevertheless, these were important in their own way.

New Payment Option
We have agreed to support a new payment solution called Wallie-card, and we have spent some time getting the implementation right. This solution is a kind of "internet wallet" and you can buy refill-cards in various shops in different countries.
The countries currently covered by this are Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Mexico and Latvia, and they are expanding into more and more countries over the next year. This is a safe, secure and simple way of paying online for everyone who does not have a mobile phone or a credit-card, so we hope to see some increased revenue from supporting it.

New sponsor
Wallie will also appear as a new sponsor for most leagues, but not all.

Search Engine Optimisation
We have also started a process around making ManagerLeague rank higher on search-engines in order to attract more players in the long run. Allthough we are getting some outside help on this, a lot of changes have gone in that are invisible to the naked eye, but that have changed the website a lot in the eyes of a "spider" or "robot" that these search-engines use.

Some added graphics here and there
Since I was such a good photographer on my trip to England in December, I have manipulated my own photos to create some nice background graphics for use in ManagerLeague. You will be able to see them on the General-page, on the Newspaper-page, in the player-section of the match-report and maybe a few other places if you are very observant.
As it was suggested, I have now made sure players are marked with a red card on the mobile version, if they are banned.

As forum-use continues to increase, it was clear we needed some better tools to handle it efficiently.
Up until now, you have only been able to "Report a thread" as unsuitable, however this feature has now been replaced by a much more
powerfull "Report post". In a single click, you will notify all moderators about the specific post you find unsuitable, so we
can handle it quicker.

Training / Resting issue
Recently I have gotten two reports of players not resting as expected during individual training, and dismissed it rather quickly as "user forgetfullness". Having contemplated a bit more on the matter, I belive I understand the cause of the confusion. The problem was that the user had been logged out just before he clicked on all the checkboxes that toggles resting. And, unfortunately, this would give the impression that the players were set to rest, as long as he did not refresh the whole page.
I have now made sure you will see an annoying and very visible pop-up if you should ever try to put someone on Rest while being logged out.

Both due to some changes and improvements in the backend-system, the systems for deadling with SMS-payments have been overhauled and improved. This is not something you will notice very much though.

Sponsors and Statistics
As we hope to make a penny or a pound on the ingame sponsor-slots some day, I have been forced to track both views and clicks on all sponsor-images. This also means I had to make some kind of interface for sponsors to log in and check how their spot is doing, with a little history and a few different report-types. Not the funniest task in the world, and certainly not something that has anything to do with making games, but still very much needed and required for our financial well being.

Sponsors have been adjusted, and there are actually 2 new sponsors as well
In addition to the mentioned Wallie, we also have a new sponsor which is limited to teams in the Norwegian League, called Biip. It is a community-site that we will do some co-branding with, in hope of attrracting some users in both directions. But I recommend taking a good look at the sponsors before choosing yours for the next season, as they have been re-balanced quite a bit. The one you thought was the best one last season might not be the best one now

Uploading files to the blogs
Upon request, we have increased the maximum size (in Kilobytes) of files (pictures) you can upload to your blog.

Changing Manager-name
Also upon request, it will now cost 5 credits to change your manager-name. This is to prevent people from changing their names over and over. You can still do it, but now at least it should limit itself.

Donation confusion
Not everyone understood the new donation-limits last season, so now we will show you a popup explaining it if you try to donate 20 credits or more to someone.

All in all, my personal view tells me these are somewhat "boring" changes, but it was work needed and required, and even though this is a game, it is also my job. Sometimes it's not all fun and games, eh?
I have to say it is a growing concern of mine that I will never get around to do the "greater" improvements I want, as long as backoffice, systems maintenance, communication, payment-stuff, hardware-issues and whatnot keeps getting in the way!
That said though, too many changes affecting the game itself is not always good either, as people don't like the rules changed too often or too much, as we saw in the uproar about the changed Quality-formula last season, as an example

It has been a hectic month so far, and I have a hunch it will continue to be do.

The season-change
As usual, the game is taken down for season-chage this Thursday morning at 9.15 (after training).
Also as usual, the game will be back up some time during Thursday afternoon, probably around 18.00 or so.
Custom Cups will be held in the weekend, and a Training Camp on Sunday.
Then the season starts with training Monday morning at 09.00.

Best of luck with finishing this season, best of luck with your new coming youth-player, and all the best for next season.

ManagerLeague Headquarters

Written by Spinner 02:59 23/01 2008

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44 comment(s)
By : MordaciousKNot exciting   03:26 23/01 2008
picturebut sounds essential. Any chance i can finally get a mention after 6 League cups on the trot?
I mean i'm probably gonna win f8ck all next season as my oldies retire.

By : VanCrickeneh eh   04:02 23/01 2008
pictureI got promoted this season . \o 4th division here I come. eheh

By : Adibyay   04:23 23/01 2008
picturesounds awesome as usual!

By : SlayerXsponsors are needed   04:29 23/01 2008
pictureyou have to do what you have to do

By : KarlsbergCredit   06:27 23/01 2008
pictureWhat about free credits?

By : SirCrodosNice--   06:44 23/01 2008
pictureGood as allways Spinner...

By : The Mystic Canonhmm   07:25 23/01 2008
pictureI like the old game.
Now my old players Not good after season 30

By : E.T.?ok   07:26 23/01 2008
pictureno comment

By : Sir KewSponsors   07:59 23/01 2008
pictureIts a little sad that all leagues dont get all sponsors It would be more fair then.

By : Bob Kvarberggood   08:03 23/01 2008
picturealways good

By : loknissenWoho!   08:05 23/01 2008
pictureI worked a lot for both the
and the
Changing Manager-name.

Cool Spinner, it is nice to see our suggestions helps!

By : loknissenSir Kew..   08:07 23/01 2008
pictureNo, it would not.
Many leagues are bether than other, this might be more fair.

By : SediDeine eigene Überschrift...   08:10 23/01 2008
picturethanks a lot for this game

By : wolly222nice   08:16 23/01 2008
picturea qq

By : YawN   09:03 23/01 2008
pictureI have to say it is a growing concern of mine that I will never get around to do the "greater" improvements I want, as long as backoffice, systems maintenance, communication, payment-stuff, hardware-issues and whatnot keeps getting in the way!

Maybe you should hire a programmer to do all your "boring" work?

By : SinWolfBoring updates   09:31 23/01 2008
pictureTrue. They might seem boring, but all in all I think everyone agrees that they love the game. So keep on keeping on.

By : TheChicken-5 creds   09:52 23/01 2008
pictureWhy can't we have the fun changing name?
Those 5 creds took one feature some ppl find amusing out of the game.
And for what reason????

Looking forward to the new big things CL and nationalteams?Winky

By : Mr. roso rosooo000   10:15 23/01 2008
picturengomongin paan sey

By : Mr._Dan_Mark"Somebody" wrote:   11:24 23/01 2008
picture"Any chance i can finally get a mention after 6 League cups on the trot? ...........I think u manage well enough yourself to mention it all the time.

By : KrisWIt's ok   12:32 23/01 2008
pictureNot the most interresting changes, but it's good and necessery

By : MalayedOK....   12:45 23/01 2008
pictureQuite good!!!! 2 more Sponsers....
I can rate Ok....

By : zyerngot premotet   12:55 23/01 2008
pictureim going to be in second division wuhu me

By : azizzikhmm...   13:17 23/01 2008
picturecan you give me more money? Winky

By : cainsterSteve Perryman   15:18 23/01 2008
pictureI met Steve Perryman Sunday night. It was when i went to watch Exexter City v Oxford United.Which Exeter won 2-0.

By : MordaciousKHa ha   16:23 23/01 2008
pictureBy : Mr._Dan_Mark "Somebody" wrote: Wed, 23 Jan 11:24
picture "Any chance i can finally get a mention after 6 League cups on the trot? ...........I think u manage well enough yourself to mention it all the time.

Jealously will not win you League cups m8 Winky

By :'s ok   16:29 23/01 2008
pictureI would give you 5 out of 10 for this changes:|

By : carstairsAnother good season.   16:48 23/01 2008
picturehello again Spinner well done again.Keep the changes coming.
Carstairs the mad scot

By : Antero Emanuelnice work   18:02 23/01 2008
pictureits ok again

By : bartek15eh...   19:47 23/01 2008
pictureno coment ...

By : Mr._Dan_MarkTo MordaciousK   20:24 23/01 2008
pictureNo not jealously.....I just don't WANT to win because I like a quiet life out of the spot light

By : MrBraastadForum-addon   20:58 23/01 2008
pictureI really like the forum-addon!
Will be very helpful
But I ofc hope that I never need to use it.

By : M.A.dd   21:21 23/01 2008
picturei am lost

By : cristibelaa   21:52 23/01 2008
picturey am the champion

By : Kaiser Sozenot........   22:47 23/01 2008
pictureIngen champions league??

ellers godt jobba!Thumb upWinky

By : Croton CapitatusNice   23:12 23/01 2008
pictureGreat changes... I can't understand why people are complaining? The new changes are needed

By : abalardoWell done   00:37 24/01 2008
pictureNo need to complain about this. We got to learn to crawl before to walk.
Spinner's got to do things in an order of priority.
keep up the good work.

By : The Dreamgraphics   18:57 24/01 2008
pictureI Love the new graphics Good Job

By : xSABERxMUAAAH!~   20:36 24/01 2008

By : Mrs_Maccredit due   12:01 25/01 2008
pictureThanks Spinner for all your hard work - it makes it all wothwhle, no matter how "unexciting" the changes

By : wasp 90well done   01:28 26/01 2008
picturei luv it...=)

By : acerbestlike it   05:27 26/01 2008
pictureactually, i starting to like it (the game)...

By : Danjelcream   13:43 27/01 2008
pictureI wanted the Champions League or UEFA cup this season.. thats why i came on 4th place .. could you give a hint before the season it gets implented?

By : sirmahatgreat job....   19:15 27/01 2008
picturegreat job as ever........ interesting......
but i'm little bit frustrated because Q drop very much in my team.....

By : Ajexcredit   09:43 09/02 2008
picturehow I can buz credit by SMS?...I don`t see the code...

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