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Season 31 updates

This Thursday, on December 27th 2007, we're going from season 30 to season 31.
As usual, this means the game will be unavailable from around 09:10 in the morning until some time in the afternoon on the same day.
Then the custom-cups and training-camp will take place during the weekend, and the new season will begin on Monday the 31st of December (New years eve!)

As I am currently in the middle of Christmas myself, as well as trying stop being sick (I've spent nearly 24 hours in the bathroom now, and I have to say I have felt better!), this will be the shortest season-change announcement ever! Also, due to various technical and personal reasons, the number of improvements are somewhat limited this time...

So, without further delay: Here is the list of changes for next season!

- Cups can now be created with a description, where the creator can write anything he likes, basically. The same rules apply to this text as anywhere else in the game.
- Private cups will now show who created it, with a link to message the creator to ask for the password.
- Active Bids will now remember the selecting sorting-order also after Reporting a bid.
- Korean Players will now once again get their correct names.
- US Player-names have been updated with more "modern" names and a much larger name-database.
- The chance to pick up an injury during a match has been slightly increased.
- The number of goals conceeded is now stored in the player-history (for this seaosn and beyond).
- In the team-listing, the column showing league-goals will show conceeded goals for goalies.
- In the Player-info popup, goalies will list their conceeded number of goals rather than their league-goals.
- Only goals conceeded in regular league-games are recorded.
- Goals scored in Playoff-matches no longer count towards the ranking-lists for top-scorers or player-awards.
- Sponsor-payouts have all been adjusted for more diversity and a slightly higher average payout.
- In honour of MissSpoons (hihi When sending a message with a too short body or subject, you no longer have to go BACK to try again, as the subject and body will be "carried over".
- Certain actions in a match now affect the performance in a more fair way (minor tweak)
- The transfer-forum will now be self-cleaning, deleting all posts older than 6 days

Comments are always welcome, positive or negative!

- Spinner

Written by Spinner 02:27 25/12 2007

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56 comment(s)
By : mister Bobmoney   02:58 25/12 2007
pictureWhat about better $posorship??

(Normal)Players are a bit more expensive, so the sponsors could give some more money!!

By : ColliderAn idea   03:44 25/12 2007
pictureI'd like to see little up arrows appear next to a player's ratings so you can tell exactly what went up at a glance. I'd think it would save bandwidth, too, instead of loading every player's page individually.

By : Strongholdkool   03:47 25/12 2007
pictureawesome work mate
and thanks for goals conceded + the msg thingy so i wont have to type it again.. it was relle frustratin

By : RoggbifActive Bids Reporting   04:47 25/12 2007
picture"Active Bids will now remember the selecting sorting-order also after Reporting a bid."

Very good.

By : JamesMFCgreat update   05:29 25/12 2007
picturebut will we be seeing the inclusion of referee tables to affect the way we approach matches anytime soon

brilliant work tho appreciate the hard work and effort.

By : 1Shearer1good   10:37 25/12 2007
picturevery good keep up the good work

By : KonnerudBobNice   11:06 25/12 2007
pictureAwesome work!

By : Guiseppe SoleUpdates   11:11 25/12 2007
pictureNothing special but all good, every little helps!

By : Jan FredrikNICE!   11:12 25/12 2007
pictureLove it!

By : xSABERxNIce   11:33 25/12 2007
pictureHope you get better...and good updates btw ^^

By : MalayedQuite nice   11:44 25/12 2007
pictureQuite nice....
I like the Injury increase...
Because we can see top players injured and is easier to beat.

By : Brutal Kaasenwhat about....   11:49 25/12 2007
picturewhen a player gets injured in a match, doesn´t a random sub replace him? quiet bad if a striker is replaced by a keeper...
And the red cards dosn´t seem to do much negative on the team... I happy for it, this season, as I got 2 defenders picking up redcards a couple of times each week... but it dosn´t seem to harm my team much... nor other..

By : Skotgood updates...   13:21 25/12 2007
picturelittle, but useful and most welcome most of them ...
i have reserves regarding the injuries part...
and the "Certain actions in a match now affect the performance in a more fair way" is confusing, we have to discover those certain actions and adjust tactics regardingly, it will be a hard first half of season

Anyways, good to see developments, thanks

By : FloppyCopyme like   14:01 25/12 2007
picturegood work spinner!

By : DraQulaI.R like changes   16:22 25/12 2007
picturecool updates...i like them ....thanks

By : Holylooks good!   17:34 25/12 2007
picturehappy new year

By : vaidassponsors..   17:35 25/12 2007
pictureI was waiting for this upgrade so long and finally it has been done, cos there was no better choice than norsk tipping, independent of the place u will end in season.. Hope now will be:/

By : scroogethank you oh mighty spinner   18:09 25/12 2007
pictureyou are great spinner , i wonder if santa would of delivered presents if he was ill?

By : Big Sir AlexWoho   20:59 25/12 2007
picturelooks like we will get a fantastic new season

By : Antero EmanuelUpdates   21:00 25/12 2007
picturei like some updates but is ok
happy new year

By : Trener PUpdates   21:50 25/12 2007
pictureLooks good for me!

By : Konsenbest ever   23:04 25/12 2007
picturebest updates ever spinner, no doubt!
love it!
hope u will get better soon

By : Alekseconomy section?   12:01 26/12 2007
pictureI´d like to see improvements in the economy section, as you promised some seasons ago!

Good work though

By : Sir.MikkelinhoUpdates   12:55 26/12 2007
picturenot bad, I yhink that was very niceWinky

By : Tawfikloaning players??   13:36 26/12 2007
pictureHow about adding the option of getting players on loan?? i feel its a huge update that wont be done easily but, i feel its very much needed!!

By : E.T.?Tactik Changes??? When ???   16:14 26/12 2007
pictureAnd what about this season mistakes?
It seems like everybody like the new teamless prices.
And we can't buy oldboys teamless - that's not a nice thing.

By : E.T.?Champions League   16:16 26/12 2007
pictureBla, bla, bla...

By : BJZIDOVNice work but...   22:00 26/12 2007
pictureWhat about TV cover of league games(money for TV cover of league games)!?
I don't like random substitute for inj. players what if my GK get's hurth who will replace him!?
We need credits for lots of things how about geting some credits by winning position in league or by winning cup!?
What about Croatian translation!?
Add some more enquirere about finance , sponsorship , transfers , league games ... to find out what you need to change!!!!!



By : OsloborgerSuggestions   01:17 27/12 2007
pictureHow about keep records and average for traininggames, so we can see how the backup-players doing and developing?

How about find a way for poor team to increase income? RIch team can make easy millions, but the price clubless have now make it very difficult to get a income. Rich team get richer and poor get more poor to say it simple and little easy.

By : unangHelp.........   03:18 27/12 2007
pictureHello ...
I want to ask you something
I'm a beginner in this game, I need to know how to make friendly games 2, 3 times or more on 5 minutes.
I was tried, but the rules not allowed my team to make more friendly game and must waiting for every 5 minutes.
Please tell me because I need this information .... so i need your help so much.... !

Thanks a lot..

By : lucikapto be taken in consideration.. in future   03:55 27/12 2007
picturesome options for the managers.. to reward certain players, or to punish.. or stuff like that. Actions that can affect a player's game quality: raise or decrease it.
- salary/contract negociations (value, length,etc)
- MULTIPLE TYPES for players: such as... right wnger, or deffensive midfielder.. central deffender. and not just for showing it.. but for making tactics more effective Winky

The ideea is to increase a manager's contribution to a game's result.

By : The_best_player_everGoal disallowed and overtime   04:07 27/12 2007
pictureThe updates seems good.

I think the matches in the ML-season would be more realistic if a goal were disallowed sometimes.
Its not often you may play a whole season and never score a goal that will not count.

It should also be some overtime-minutes too and a chance to score in the 93 minute i e.

I also want a rematch soon after losing 10-0 to you Spinner for some seasons ago in a friendly when i was new to this game. Still my biggest defeat.

By : AlienG4Great   04:49 27/12 2007
pictureThxs Big Boss

By : PerylioGreek Names   05:46 27/12 2007
picturePlease plan to change also the names of the Greek players.

I thing that I am living in Ancient Greece. ( and the most of them are not even existed)

I thing that the "Godfather" of the players'names must read more about modern Greece

By : WolVeN GoD------------Lebanon   09:15 27/12 2007
pictureLeabanon we are too many players from lebanon not TOOOOOO many but there is lot of us and we dont have anything that reffer to us in this game ..

About the changes .... yup Great changes ^^

I hope spinner will add our Country to the Countries List and we are ready to send players Names ^^ real 1ns


By : Bob Kvarbergøbk   15:16 27/12 2007
pictureGREAT update!

By : Mr_FreedomTo buy players??   15:20 27/12 2007
pictureWhen you buy player, then you have wait, when the sell person decide something. Why there could be something time. First start price, then maybe 3 days and the biggest offer win. More speed to get players

By : loknissenWOW   15:21 27/12 2007
pictureWow, this is good guys!

Keep it up!

By : goodfornothingyeah yeah   15:26 27/12 2007
picturewell done

By : tullochbrrrraaaaaappppp!!!!   16:09 27/12 2007
pictureHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. Roll on Div 3. BIG UP TO SPINNER AND CREW!!!

You Mans Rung Tings Everytime!!! Yuuuuusssshhhh!

By : Antero EmanuelPrivate cups   16:29 27/12 2007
pictureI like this upgrade for Private Cups (is necessary more graphics)
Nice work

By : Maffer   18:46 27/12 2007
picturegooodie new season

Nice changes

By : XonituzNice work   22:57 27/12 2007
pictureNice work Spinner Winky
Way better than the last season hehe =D

By : aloktonsa   00:27 28/12 2007
pictureherkese bol şans

By : Steven G GerrardLooking good..   11:43 29/12 2007
picture...As always!
keep up the good work, Spinner!

By : WojtekerFavouritism   13:59 29/12 2007
pictureSo Miss Spoons asks for something once and it gets done, whilst i ask repeatedly for the hairdryer button and a Patalonian NAtional league and get bugger all!

By : Mr Alvezwazaaa   15:51 29/12 2007
pictureNice work, keep going!

By : Zebartiestactics   18:06 29/12 2007
pictureHey man,

I have to say this is good wot you're doing on this game and its become quite addictive at times. But to be honest, I have been playing it for a few seasons now and I have always been hoping for an increase in the options we could choose from in tactics. Having thee general play strategies (longball, continental and mixed) is cool, but I feel too little.

Considering that we are suppot to be managing the team, the overall management is good, but we need more on the coaching aspects of the team, to increase competition between the players and decrease the effect of the things we have not much control over. An idea might be to allow free time sets for events and to increase events to a limit of 15 or 20. I would like to be able to to change events many times based on the different situations pesent in the game. Changing formations becomes difficult because you have to figure out which player will be in the different position of the new formation and then change that player and possibilty change again within the team to change positions and such. It would be easier to add an option of having a seconday formation where you can set where the players will be and so on and allow people to switch between the two formations. Loaning players to teams might also be an option.

I generally feel more coaching options would always be a cool thing. But, as I said before, good work with the game till now, and hopefully try to incorporate more of these ideas in future changes.

By : carstairsAlbert The hugery SCOT.carstairs   15:44 31/12 2007

By : Andreas BenitezCool!   21:28 01/01 2008
pictureThat sounds good!

By : miss_spoonsWOOHOO!!!   10:10 02/01 2008
Thanks truely - this will stop me crying at work now (i never remembered to put title in) - FABULOUS!

Wojteker - stop moaning Winky

Loving the new stuff although now i have nothing to do at work with this self cleaning transfer forums haha - altho i hope people dont forget to delete when players are sold or they the player they want!!!

**Happy New Year**

By : tromceltHappy new year...   09:14 04/01 2008
pictureAnd get well soon.

By : Darg1necdarg1nec   15:43 10/01 2008

By : Florentino_PerezINJURIES AND BANS   11:41 14/01 2008
pictureI don't think its normal that from being Tied in first place last season to being 11th this time round, with the same exact team, and only 2 players are 31. Not to mention the last game ending with 3 injured playes and 1 banned after one game... i think its a bit too much. Honestly thats why i didn't by credits this season when i've been buying since season 19... You need to tone it down

By : Mohd Aen maybe need this update....   13:32 15/01 2008
pictureWhy don't you put "server time" ? in fact....we don't need to calculate and wait when will i check my next league result...(in different country time) GMT +8 Hours was my time here... if got server time, we could easily know when our next match will begin.

By : adbChampions League   17:47 16/01 2008
pictureit will be nice to have this competion.What do you think?

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