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Manage League Advanced guide: Building a team (04/04/2012 14:44)

Hello My name is Vasil Toshev. I have been playing Manager League actively for the last 8 months. I know this does not make me very experienced but in this short time I managed to achieve a lot in terms of building a great team. I have decided to try to share some of the information I gathered after receiving many emails asking me for advice how I managed to build my team. I want to apologize for my English skills because they are far from perfect but I will try to keep it simple 


Before you read my guide please spend some time reading   < Click It is a must read because it will explain almost all basic information you need to know about the game. In my guide I will be talking how to build a successful team and reach team quality of 94 and above


I will start with one of the most important thing in this game = Credits . Those are more important then money and if you want success you need to use them to improve your team. You can get by without buying them and I will explain how to do to it. It will take you longer to reach the goal I have set in this league but it is not impossible it can even be helpful for your team because you will have more time building your infrastructure

  1. Buying or Not Buying Credits
    1.1 Buying Credits
    1.2 Without Buying credits
  2. Your second season
    2.1 Bought credits
    2.2 Without credits
  3. Third/Fourth/Fifth Season
  4. Training Camps/Weekend Cups
  5. Good Young Player/Bad Young Player
  6. Training Tips/Making Monster players
  7. Avoid the "Rebuild"
  8. Stadium Upgrades
  9. Team Stats/Tactics
  10. Hidden Attributes-Great Players!! < NEW ***Update
  11. Quick Tips

 **Updated 18.04.2012

***Updated 21.04.2012

****Updated  26.04.2012 >

 *****Updated 10.05.2012 >Update is on Chapter 10 - I plan to make huge chapter about my first season in division 1 tomorrow .

******* JUNE 20!! === I am waiting to finish my season I am currently in a title/cup/samsung race. I have learnt a lot of things and I will be sharing my knowledge by the end of the season if I manage to be succesful 

 Important:This guide is not only for beginners in the game.The strategy I am providing can work great for you even if you have stayed in the game for more then 10 seasons.The only problem for you is that you will have to sell/buy a lot of players and start from scratch in terms of building a team but you will have the benefits of great stadium infrastructure and maybe some extra cash/credits

In this chapter I will have to split it in two. The first chapter will be about your First season if you have decided to buy credits of if you go without buying them.You should read both of those no matter what you do. If you don't buy credits later in the guide you will be asked to come back and the the other chapters 

My advice for you is your first purchase to be of 200 credits because you will get 100 for free. Do this only after you have played for a week or two and you have decided you like this game and want to grow and try to win some trophies. Manager League is one of the games you grow to love from the very first day. This was the case for me when I found this site I was amazed how I have missed it for so many years. This was the perfect game.It has leagues/international competition and the best thing is that its very Dynamic. 

Now lets take a look at your starting team. All of the new teams share similar traits. They have 2 decent young players who are 17 years old and maybe one decent 19 years old player.It is a common mistake for new managers to sell those 2 young players because they see they are valued 17 millions and only 70/71 quality and they can buy old players with the same quality for 2 millions. This is the biggest mistake you can make. Usually your two starting players have very good attributes and they can be huge stars. Usually no matter what position they play they have very low main skill (Tackling/Passing/Shooting) and usually they are 4 or 5 star players.My advice is only to buy 4.5 or 5 star players if you plan to make a great team. Sometimes you can get a 4 start player if he has great attributes ( I will explain later what I mean by great attributes)

*To acquire finance for your transfer budget- Make sure you sack everybody below 65Q until you reach 18 players. Those are guys nobody will want to buy and as soon as you get rid of them the better you will do. You can get as high as 15 millions from sacking alone in your first season. Don't spend time listing them or wait for the season change because their value will drop

Remember those 2 starting players can be huge stars in the future.For example those are my two starting players I found in my team.

They were both 71Q and now 8 seasons later they are marvelous players very close to hit 95Q.Now my advice is to buy 3 young 17 years old players.You can look for transfers to do so but at the start of the season you cant be sure of the prices and player will demand much money you simply do not have.Other option is to wait until you reach the middle of the season and then buy some slightly developed 17 years old players from other teams. You can use credits to sweeten the deal and get them for cheap or you can pay their prices. My advice is to spend credits and get those players.

Here is what you should do if you want to search for unsigned agents

You need strong nerves to find the perfect player in the marker. It is good thing to search for players who have their main attribute in the low 70~ they will be easier to develop but harder to find. For example a perfect Midfielder would be someone with 72Q 65+Passing 65 Perception 70 Stamina  65 heading +.

Best time to search for those players is the first week of the season because you will have a lot of time to develop them.With your finance you can get 2 such players if you lack the money but you have bought credits I can advice you to turn Credits into Money . You will get 19 millions for this but spend 75 credits. Those millions can help you a lot because for a young team this means 1 more player.Remember you will need to spend atleast few hours in order to find such players because most of the times your search will come empty and you will be frustrated but believe me there are gems to find in the free market.

Your other option is to buy players from other managers during the middle of the first week. Then if you have 5 start scout and you have seen those players have gained attributes you can be sure you are buying real gem.  If you offer some credits for those players and do a credit deal ( I will explain how those works later) you may be able to buy 3 or 4 players .Here are some of the players I bought in my very first season for cheap

Those two costed me around 27 millions and 15 credits (the first one).One of them is 4.5 stars the other is 5 stars player.As you can see you can easily find perfect players for your team you need to search for them.You need to have atleast 5 or 16 17 years old guys that you will be developing at the start. You can also develop the two 19 years old players you have because they will gain very fast and you can sell them in 2 seasons to be able to afford new singings in your second season. You will also need an old player in each position to help you train your players (Old player someone above 31 years old even if he is GK/DF put him in one line as your midfielder and attackers and he will help them grow).  Those players are cheap and you can easily buy them. Keep in mind when you exceed your 4 transfers you will get a penalty to your team stats but you can afford those penalties in your first two seasons. As I said you should not fight for success in your first 5 seasons your goal is to build a team for the future.Another way to sustain your economy is to play friendlies at your stadium this will generate finances for you to spend. Remember this means you will be spending credits for your friendlies .I would advice for you to start doing that when your stadium income hits 250K because that is the limit you can get from friendly games. (It is costly to play all your friendlies at your stadium that means you will be wasting 200 credits per season which is a lot )





First if you decide not to spend credits you should read also the first subchapter. Your first season mechanics is the same as the credit buyer with few differences I will explain right now.  Because you will have only 30 credits at the start you will need 10 of those for Training Camps with extreme intensity which are very important especially for young players so don't be cheap on those. Atleast 3/4 credits you will spend on singing free players (each free transfer costs 1 credit). That will leave you with around 10 credits for friendly games. Don't worry you can get 100 free games from the friendlies screen it will take more time but I know guys who make those free friendlies without any troubles. The best time to play those games is the morning before the training starts.(atleast 1 hour before that means 8 AM game time)  and right after your League game at 15 PM . With the other credits you can play Sets (There are threads in forums when people challenge each other and you play 2 games with the cost of 1). Ofcours your first season will be hard and you will spend a lot of time finishing it but once you do your mission for your second season is to GET CREDITS. In order to do so you have to sell your players in credits deals.You can easily ship your 17 years old players to other teams and make a small fortune in term of credits for you. Now when you do that the bad thing is you have to find new players to develop . Thats why It will take you more time to reach the top .Here I will show you two teams who have great success so far without spending a dime on the game . One of them is a close friend of mien ( He has bought 15 credits in his life time)

Check those teams and check their transfers. Those two are great managers and if you spend some time checking what they did during the seasons it will save you a lot of trouble.For example for Emo it took 20 seasons to reach the top but I am sure he wasn't that passionate about the game in his first few seasons. After that he developed players sold them for credits/money and 10 season ago he started collecting his young players and training them.

Dzhebel is a close friend of mine he always looks for bargain and one of his favorite things to do in the game is to negotiate cheap transfers. He sustain his economy buy buying young players training them and each season he sells one to help him pay the bills. Ofcours he keeps his best players and is building a team who will very soon be 94 Quality. 

*Good way to play your friendlies without buying credits is to make friends and be nice to people. There is also a game which Mr.Bulldog organizes where you enter and other people help you play 200 friendlies for free. If you are active and nice people will give you a hand and  send a challenge . The community is very helpful but remember do not send personal msg`s asking for challenges .Make friends and explain your situation and most important be nice.Look for your national forums and make friends there









Again I will split this chapter in two. For the non credit buyers you can read this the first subchapter after you have managed to acquire a nice bankroll of credits and when you are ready to start building your team. The first subchapter will be longer because basically this is the way to go and the non credit buyers will get to this point also but with slight delay



First when you start your season most of your players will be with lower Q and you will receive one youth player from your academy. In 90% this player will be crap and with very low quality but because you need young players we will use him. If he is bad you will still train him and sell him for money by the end of the season . If he is good player (I will talk more about this in different chapter how to spot great/bad players)  this is great success for you.

Now by your second season you should have atleast 5 or 6 young 18 years old players 2 twenty years old players and 3 or more oldies to help them grow. This season your goal is to try and sell the 20 year old guys (If they have reached 73/74Q) and buy 3 or 4 more young players to integrate in your team. We are aiming for 11 young players in your team and 3 old guys to help them grow. My advice is to train at the start only 11 players and try to play them in all friendlies .By doing this I am pretty sure they will become monsters. This season you should look to buy 3 more players.Right now the prices for 18 years old players are very high so you will have very hard time financing your transfers if you look for such players.Thats why you will have to look again for the free market or the transfer market to make those purchases. It is a good idea to sell the best 18 years old players you have and with that money you and some credits you can finance the purchase of 3 or 4 more guys.Remember do not get attached to your guys.Be ready to sell them if the PRICE IS RIGHT

For your 20 years old players this season you will probably get very low money thats why you should probably keep and develop them one more season so they can hit 80Quality and then you can get some nice money. Here is 2 of the 19 years old players I kept from the start and later sold

 The first one I sold when he was 21 years old and 80Q for 45 millions the second one I sold when he was 24 years old 87Q For 80 millions ( I sold them cheap because I needed fast money)As you can see those 19 years old starters can become decent players and nice income for you

Your main goal this season is to keep training those players and just enjoy their gains do not care for your results. Usually you will be in a very bad league and you may still win it because in the low leagues there are a lot of inactive teams. Your second goal is to play 200 friendlies and to use your young guns in all of your games. Even play them in the league with low fitness because usually they receive more GAIN in the league/league cup/player cup games then from the friendlies. If you find it hard to play your friendlies put some resting slots on your team stats for each resting slot you will receive one more fitness point when your players rest on training. It is also still early to worry for your team stats but by your third season you should forget about putting resting slots and start building your stats.( I will talk about them in different chapter).


If you had not bought credits during your first season.You should probably repeat the strategy of your first season.After you have sold your youths you should acquire new ones from the free market or the transfer forum develope them and sell them for money. Also take a look at your youth academy player and also develop him do not sell him at the start he will be worth much more once he plays 150+ friendlies. This season with your credits income from the deals you have made you will have no trouble playing 200 friendlies and selling or keeping your monster youths until they reach 18 years old then train them some more and sell them for much higher profit. Remember that a young play even if he has price of 40/60 millions can be worth as much as 200 milllions. It all depends on his stats and potential. There are many young 17 years old 74Q players or 75Q sold for 200 millions near the end of the season. If you have such player you can easily sell him for 70/80 millions money and 100 or more credits which will be a great income for you . After you finish your second season if you have played your cards right you should start reading the guide from the start and read the parts about "credit buyers" and start building your team for the future. Ofcours you will have to keep selling each season atleast one of your potential stars to sustain your credit economy but that should not be a major delay for you. 










This third chapter will cover only one path.If you have not bought credits you are probably ready to start building a team by your third season so you should start this guide from Chapter 1


Once you get in your third season you will have enough experience to know what you are doing. Your goal in your third season should be to get 3 or more young players until you have 11 young guns in your squad ready for training. If you lack money you should sell your best player and get the finance injection you need to do your deals.By the end of your third season you should try to play train your players without using resting slots because you have to learn to how to handle your team the right way. It may be very hard to play your friendlies with such small squad and if you cant do it you should buy 1 or 2 more young players in your 4th season to help you with rotation.

Also to get the maximum of your players when you get spare cash you should look for HIGH Quality old players. You don't need them to win trophies but when you train your players with HIGH quality oldies they do not steal your gain from your young guns -Let me explain that

*Basically a 31 years old 71Q player even thou he is crap and with low star when he plays 200 friendlies you will see him gaining 1 or 2 more  Q without any troubles. That will happen because his stats are very low and when stats are low it is very easy to grow them. I have had such players in my first season who gained 15/18 attributes per season. When the old player is in his 80S or above he will be less likely to gain a lot and that means all of your hard earned gains will go to the players that deserve it -The Young ones

 In your fourth season you should be ready to train your team stats in all 4 slots and improve them ( I will have different chapter about team stats read it below).  

Also you should now plan your way for the top. If you have done things the right now and if you were lucky because sometimes you need luck to get decent gains you should probably. By the end of your 4th season you should probably be around 82Q or something like which. Ofcours now you will have some players who will be better then others and maybe they will be some holes in your team . You should examine and make corrections if needed. As I said early DO NOT GET ATTACHED to your players . In your fifth season you should be fighting for promotion in your league and learning the tactical part of the game ( I will talk about it later) . You have probably finished preparing your squad and now the next season you should spend growing them and making them future stars. Do not get frustrated there will be season when somebody wont gain but if he is 4.5 or 5 start be assured next season he will make up for it. If you have credits to spare you can always sell one of your weaker players for money and with that money and some credits you can go and find a better person with better stats for his position.  Unfortunately my season advices can go as far as Fifth season because after that it all dependson random factors or its up to you .






For training camps the situation is very simple. At start no matter what you do you should find money to fund 5 training camps each season with Extreme Intensity in wort case scenarios you make them with less intensity but never the less you should always book one. And I mean never ever in your first 4 seasons leave player to rest on camps if they are above 79 Fitness!. This is a great way for your players to improve. Also on training camps do not be greedy. Never train their main attributes always go for other things for example for Striker train his Perception if he is low . For the midfielders train their Speed it is very important attributes for them. Your defenders should also focus on Passing/Speed. It is very bad strategy to train your squad in their main attributes on camps because by 3/4 seasons you will have them with extremely high main attribute which will make them unsellable . ( I will give you examples of good/bad trained players in another chapter). 

Later when your team begins to fight for promotion you should then make funds for more expensive camps. Then you will probably need the 10 millions one (5th 6th season) because you will need Morale (helps you win games) and you will need better hotel (to regain fitness after playing weekend cups). In your first 2/3 seasons you will need 3.6 millions for each camp later money wont be such an issue so don't worry you will have funds .

About weekend cups: This is great way for you to get great gains and some spare cash. Main problem is at the start of your career in Manager League your team will be with very low Quality so its best to search for free cups because you will probably lose in the first league. There are many managers who make their own cups and invite low league teams. I myself make 2 or 3 cups each weekend who are credit free and I fill them with low quality teams and myself. By doing this I win the cup but the small guys also can reach the final and get nice amount of games.

Joining a cup will cost you 300K or 400K depends on your division but don't worry you will win more then 500K money from your first game. If you manage to get another game thats 500k Money for you. Try to play as much cup games as you can because in those games usually you receive great gains on important attributes.

Also look in your national forums . Usually there will be cups organized by guys there you can join. They are tournament styled cups with similar teams in terms of quality. It is a good place for your team in the beginning .







This is one of the hardest things to learn and to find information about. How do you spot a good player? I was very lucky in my first 3 seasons I was huge noob in this department. I knew I had to buy 5 star players with high Q. I even though if they have higher main attribute that this is a good thing. I was very lucky that I managed to buy great players without knowing. On other hand I was spamming like hell the Bulgarian Forum and asking question everyday. Thank god players like Tropancho/Unforgiven/Vogel helped me realise my mistakes

I will post few screenshots and investigate the players and I will try to explain their stats

Now the first player is the bad one and I will tell you why. He has low perception which even though does not give Quality for his position is important attribute. He has very low Stamina which gives quality but it is hard to grow.With this stamina he will struggle to play 200 friendlies per season. Also his heading ability is very poor.I know it does not give Quality but it is important attribut.And last his passing is very high..With few gains there he will get it above 90 and then you will find it very hard for him to improve. In total he has 436 Skill points not counting the keeping stats

Now the second player: At start you will say bah he is 69Q why should I bother but when you take a closer look at him you see  that he has high perception.Very high Stamina which is great now he will be able to play 200 games easier. He has 20 points more in heading which again is very good because he will also improve it but the gains will be more likely to go to his shooting/tackling abilities. And then you see he has a passing of 69. In total he has 484 skill points =50 more then the guy above which is 2 seasons of growth or one season if you are very lucky

 Now I will take a closer look at more players in different position and different ages so you can understand why some players with the same Q may be sold for 3x or 4x the money

This is not the perfect example but you can see why the first player is much better choice. Very low Main attribute and he has higher passing/Speed/Perception. Strikers usually are the most expensive players in the game because they are the hardest to develope.Usually they have very low stamina and it makes it impossible to get them 200 games per season . Your best way is to use them as 60 minute substitutes


Those two are 19 years old Attackers. Both of them have very high Q for their age and both of them are very expensive players. I rare the first one much higher. He has in total 495 skill points apart from keeping versus 474.  Including low shooting and much higher passing skill which at one point becomes essential.In order to get him to 96Quality you will need to develop his passing also. One bad thing about those two strikers is their bad stamina







Training Players 6.1

I have already described what you need to do but in the first part of the chapter I will summaries my tips and in the second I will explain how you can turn yourself into an academy team and produce monster players for a couple of seasons If you need the cash.

As I said early you should focus on 11 or maximum 14 young players with 3 oldies. Each player you train should play atleast in 150 friendlies (minimum!) plus all the league games and atleast 6 or 7 weekend cup games. At start you will find this task very difficult to accomplish but this is your goal and you should fight for it.Untill the player reaches 25 years old always play him next to an oldie and don't except great games from him in this game he is still considered young player. Try to keep your old players during the whole match and substitute the youths at the 60 minute mark. This is not something I have figured out by myself I spend a lot of time harassing some of the best players in the game for tips and advices and they were kind enough to reply to me and explain it.I will now show you how such player can improve over the seasons



*His name was changed in the third season. This is a player from Emo United . You can see his team early when you click on his badge. He currently has the best team in England and is the current champion. He has never bought a single credit.

Those gains are not impossible.Gustavo was 73Q when he entered the game but after 3 seasons of development with each season playing over 200 friendly games plus league games he become 300+ Million player. You can get a player to gain as much as 7 or 8Q per season.It is very rare to do so but not impossible and I will teach you how to do it if you want to. You should put time in training players and you should have a plan.If after 3 seasons you have to take a season break sell them and start over. Do not let them rot a season without friendlies .Gustavo was worth over 300 millions at the start of his 4th season after 3 months of work.

*You will have hard time getting those results. Realistically you should go for 82/83Q player at the end of his 3rd season. This is also very good development and the player will be worth over 150 millions if he is 4 or more stars but it is not impossible to get the results posted above. 

**Do not get frustrated.Sometimes a 5 start youngster will not gain for over 20 games. Have patiance if not this season the next one he will improve


Making Monsters 6.2

In manager league there are some teams who are named "farm" or academy teams. I do not mean it in a bad way. Those are such teams who get most of the joy by developing great players and selling them for high profit. Most of them do this until they reach 1 billion money plus 600/700 credits in a few seasons and then they start making their own teams. Those teams usually buy 5 or maximum 6 young players and surround them self with very old and skilled old players. Then they start training the young ones but they do not buy more. By having so few youths and a lot of good oldies usually the young guns manage to get +7 Quality or above each season. You can check my team and see Carlsberg and Ying Yang . I have bought those players from such teams and as you can see they were 93Q at 20 both of them. This is almost impossible to accomplish if you train over 11 players. This is a good strategy to play the game but It is slightly boring in my eyes.

*Most of those teams usually train only Attackers or midfielders because those players are more expensive then the rest especially the good young attackers can be worth sick money.

*If you have more questions how to do this strategy feel free to msg me ingame I will gladly give you more tips







By now you know most of the things I spend hours learning and harassing people for answers. There are some small secrets I will share in the last chapter I may have forgotten to tell you.

Now I will try to explain what I think you should do after you pass 6 or 7 seasons in the game and your players are starting to reach mature age (24/25).One of the best teams in the game who avoid rebuilds are Arsenal from Sweden and Tropancho from Bulgaria. You can click on the links below and check their teams

Right now I am in the process to try to copy their strategy how to sustain my team. I spend a lot of time asking them questions and I am very glad they will kind enough again to answer my countless in game mails. I suggest for you to check their teams . Now after you have seen them you can see how they are full with great quality players and they have 3 or more youths. Both of those teams do not keep those players for them self. Each season they buy 3x Young players from the free market and try to play them in 200 friendlies as substitutes . This is a hard thing to do because you need to make great rotation so your main guys also get atleast 170 Games.Then near the end of the season they sell those players for 200 millions or more profit and use the money to Buy/Sell First team players. They both do that every season and this is the only way to avoid rebuilding your squad. It is a hard process and it takes time and effort. You will also need to spend a couple of hours on the free transfer market to acquire such players. I again suggest study those teams history and their transfer history you will learn a lot of things from it


Ofcours sometimes no matter how good you are at balancing your team there will be time to do a rebuild. Usually that happens after having a really great squad that you have to push in order to win titles.Because in Manager league some of the best games the players play are after they reach the age of 30+. You should really plan carefully your moves because an extra year or two using those old players maybe the difference if you will have finances to buy new ones.

Usually the prices for defenders after they reach 32 years old drops heavily. A 95Q Defender at 30 is worth 150/200 millions but 2 seasons later when he is 32/94Q you willbe lucky to sell him for 100.After another season the price may hit 60/70. This season I sold 93.50 Q 5 star 32 years old Defender for 80 millions after 10 days on the market and I was very lucky to get that price 

The Midfielders can hold better price. For them it is very important to have HIGH PERFORMANCE. If you have a 95Q MF with 75+ Performance you can sell him for a lot of money even if he is 32/33/34 

A great attacker can keep his price for a long time. It all depends on his performance and hidden attributes. Nobody is sure how they work but you can check a number of 95Q strikers and you can easily see why one of them is worth 350/400 Millions when the other one is lucky to get 200 millions for him. 

My advice is if you are going to do a rebuild to try to do it with 18/19 years old player and look for players who can perform in games.





Stadium infrastructure is very important in this game. I suggest at first to improve your Stadium capacity until it reaches 25000. Then you should Improve your Club Shop and Restaurant . After that you should be in your 4th season or 5th. It is time to improve your training facilities all the way because they are very important to develop your team stats. Now you have a very important decision to make. If you have extra money and you think you finance yourself from transfers you can go for the upgrades that give quality to youth team such as Heating and Travel Accommodations . If you have a squad you think will be ready to fight for promotion in the top leagues (Div 2 and above). You will need those upgrades. This will put a setback on your finances but If you have played your cards right this should not matter. Right now I have a low capacity stadium but I get by alright. 

 About pricing your tickers/restoraunts you can check the forums but I belive once you have full upgrade of Restaurant/Club Shop the best price is 11/300/300 if you manage to fill the stadium. There are numerious threads in the forums with such questions you can easily find the best answer.







Team Stats 9.1

Team stats right now are extremely important and you can not achieve any success without having good team stats. I had a lot of troubles getting mine up and I am still working on them probably by next season I will have 4.5 or 5 stars in all stats I need . If you have a very young team as I said in the first two seasons you should focus more on playing your friendlies but after the third season you should start improving your team stats. There is no strategy or tips I can give you for this aspect of the game. One thing is sure when they are low you can improve them easily the hard work will begin when they reach 90 +.
Even after the changes when the stats were supposed to grow harder I had a season when I gained 90 in team stats and the next season I received 70.

*However there is one strategy I would suggest if you are struggling to keep your stats up. This is to abandon Throw Ins/Penalties/Counter Attack . By doing this you will have easy time to get the other 7 stats in their high levels and leaving those 3 to "rot" wont hurt your team. In Season 85 the winner of MLCL had very low stats in those 3 and he won the Romanian League/MLCL . This season both of the finalist in Champions League have extremely low values in Penalty/Counter Attack/Throw Ins . I am not sure if this can be considered exploit but if you cant keep high stats you should follow this strategy. Ofcours that means you wont be able to use the Counter Attacking play style

Tactics 9.2

Important: I am not the best tactician I am still learning so I would advice to read this chapter but to find answers on your own.

My advice for tactics is to use events at all cost. You need to prepare yourself during the game for different results. Also always spend atleast 10/15 minutes to investigate your opposition and to check his last 5 games. Look at the 30/45/60/75 Minutes mark for changes he is making . Try to look for weak spots in his team .Such as bad defense players or midfielders and try to exploit it. Also go to the best leagues in the world Norway/Romania and check their Top teams and their games. Usually those are great players who know a lot of things about tactical deception and if you are friendly with them they can be very helpful

Also remember as higher as you go in division your opponents will get smarter and they will have more experiance. Smarter is not the right word but you may notice how in Division 1 of your country some of the top teams always play certain playstyle in all their games. In 70% of the cases or even more they are trapping you to think they always play Mixed/Longballs when in fact they change the playstyle right after the kick off or at the 15 minutes mark. Try reading your match report and learning it.It is hard to catch the change of the playstyle but it can happen.For example if he plays Longball usually his report will be full of crosses and stuff like that. 



Always remember that a certain player can perform much better in different position. There are players who play best as left midfielder and there are some who are destined to be in the central line. Usually the wingers will get more performance rating but if you are struggling for performance you should make changes.I would advice to focus your tactics on your own team strenghts/weaknesses for 70% and the other 30 you can dedicate to try to take advantage of your enemy weak spot. Remember for someone for example 3:4:3 May work great but when you try it you may struggle. It all depends on what you got and how you use it. Do not be afraid if you have world class defenders to put 5:3:2 .For example in season 86 the winner of Samsung Super Cup was a team with lower quality then the rest but his team played amazing football with the formation 5:3:2



 **.I will edit this page tomorrow but I wanted to write it because right now I am gathering information and thinking a lot about this aspect of the game 

As you know or if you dont there are several hidden attributes in the game which unfortunally you can spot very hard. Those are

Aggresivness- This is easy to spot . Just look for players committing over 7/8 fouls per season and getting a lot of cards. It is a bad trait to have but managable it depends on what kind of player it is. Ofcours you should watch the player for several seasons before you make an assumption

Flair: This is also not hard to spot usually if you are using english match reporter it goes like this:

Alberto Paloschi with the ball now, trying to get past Holger Badstuber.
  43 That's some fancy moves by Alberto Paloschi and he leaves Holger Badstuber wondering what happened!
  43 Alberto Paloschi only needs to take on Korkmaz Uçar before he is alone with the goalie!
  43 Alberto Paloschi is through!
  43 With another great run by Lee Christmas, they are 2 against 1 now!
  43 Alberto Paloschi passes the ball sideways!
  43 t's a good ball!

This is something which is very important for certain players and it is a game changer. It doesnt activate every game but when it does you can be sure something great will happen (Usually a goal or assist).

Potential:This is easily scouted 


Now there is a lot of speculation about other attributes and I believe there are some more hidden ones. For example there are Attackers with amazing Q and very few goals here is few examples.Overall I mean some players are destined to be stars and with the right training they are just monsters even if they do not have the highest quiality. Ofcours it also matters in what position you play some of them but I will start with an example of attacker


As you can see here I am showing you a 95Quality Attacker who is worth a lot of money and is in his Peak age. If you take a look at his stats/stars/age you will say this is a must buy but then when you see his performance you may have a second though. I mean as I said quality is not everything this is a striker who played first team duty for 4 seasons and scored 30 goals. In my eyes he is one of the reasons the theam that is selling him is making a rebuild and starting from scratch.

Now lets see another attacker who has the same quality but with some difference

Now you see what I am talking about. His first season I am showing here he was 20 years old now he is 33. He is monster and those goals are divison 1 goals (for the last 9 seasons.As you can see this player is a "game-changer" and If those two guys were for sell at the same age the second one would have costed twice as much.

There are many such examples especially in the midfielders. There are just some stars who get 80+~ performance every game. If you see someone in your team from young age performing great keep him and train him as hard as you can. At the ages of 17/18/19 it is very hard to spot great performance because you may be in the last place in your league and losing all games but after that you can clearly see who is a star and who is not.

I will be expanding this chapter with more examples but I just wanted to put those lines while they are fresh in my mind

I just finished my first season in Division one. I end up third losing the 2nd place duo to goal difference but I won the league cup. To be fair the reason I manage to do this was one player in my squad called Booker .. He was 93Q and my worst midfielder I even had put him on sell at the start of the season and he was bech player. One day I decided to give him a chance because of a suspension in my line up. The next 20 games he received avr.rating of 85+ Scored 10 goals and made 20 assists. Then He provied the assist in the league cup final. On top of it after I reinstated him he gained 3Q and finished 95.50 Quality













1. A good way to buy young players for free is to look at the start of the season for great 69Q players . The game does not let them to be sold about their Market Value so usually you can get them for cheap if you are fast enough.

2.As soon as you can afford it start using old high quality players to help you train. Even old High Quality goalkeepers will do the trick .It doesn't matter the position the player is in it matters that his age is above 31.

3.It is much easier to sell players at the start of the season especially low quality ones. People usually have fresh cash ready to spend. 

4.On the other hand it is wiser to sell players at the end of the season before their stats decrease. It is harder but you can get more money for them

5.Attackers are the most valued players in the game then comes the Midfielders then Goalkeepers and last are Defenders. It is good strategy to develop only Attackers/Midfielders and then sell some of them to buy high quality young defenders for your team 

6.Training a young goalkeeper is very hard. They usually have low stamina and cant hardly play their games. My advice is to use them as a substitute on an old GK and to train one less defender. As I said defenders are cheaper to buy then a high quality GK or any other position.

7.Gains in friendlies are mostly random. Some people will say if you play Attacker in Defense he will gain tackling but thats not exactly the case. Do not lose time or nerves with such experiments. I have trained my attackers in their attacking position and they did fine .

8.When you play to win always enter the game with 100 fitness and if you have decent substitutes use them. 99Fitness player= -1Q 98 Fitness = -2Q  . This is not the exact value but its pretty close

9.Try to sell your old players when they reach 35 years old. They will probably retire (If they are GK they wont). Put low AA(70%) and hope someone buys them 

10. In friendlies your players need only 15 minutes to get gains. It does not matter for a player if he is substitute or not his chance to gain is equal in both cases

11.Try to leave your old players on the pitch for longer. 

12.Change players position for example you someones doesnt play good on the left side of your attack try switching him to the other side or put him in central role. Then watch for improvment/decline . Certain players play best in certain position.

13. Ask Questions when you are not sure about some things in the game.Feel free to msg me with any questions I will gladly answer and try to help you

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