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The last hours before it begins... <--Back
And so, the time has come.
In just a few hours ManagerLeague begins its first official season.
It has been a long night, with a certain amount of last-minute issues to resolve. As a seasoned game-developer, this came as no surprise to me. But it has resulted in one very important change...

The official cups and the timing of the start of the season, had a logical fault. Thus, after fixing, patching and finding the best solution possible, the schedule has been slightly changed in regards to the official cups.

Official Cups are now scheduled at 00:00 CEST (League Cup) and 01:00 CEST (Department Cups) in the appropriate rounds. For our very first day, this brings the following schedule:
Tuesday 09:00 : Training / Salaries
Tuesday 15:00 : League-matches round 1
Tuesday 21:00 : Training / Salaries
Wednesday 00:00 : League Cup Round 1
Wednesday 03:00 : League-matches round 2
Wednesday 09:00 : Training / Salaries
Wednesday 15:00 : League-matches round 3
Wednesday 21:00 : Training / Salaries
Thursday 00:00 : League Cup Round 2

etc etc.

This means that cup-games are played before the league-games in each relevant round, so if you want to focus on the league and not the cup, and ensure rested players in the league-game, you must substitute players before the cup-game, and then back again before the league-game.
Keep an eye on your fixture-list, it displays all the matches in the right order.

I hope we are all in for a great first season in ManagerLeague, and that the start-up problems will be as small as possible. My experience tells me there will be some though.

Good luck to all the teams, all the managers, all the players and the poor referees.
And to me!

Written by Spinner 05:47 15/09 2005

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2 comment(s)
By : Stambrosseason 33 - round 2   18:19 25/02 2008
pictureand a few years later...

This game rocks!

By : SpinnerDoes this still work?   17:17 22/03 2013
pictureOmg, it does..haha

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